BoxBall & Christmas In April

I may actually TToT 2 weeks in a row.
Though sorry if I didn't get back to you last week, like Marsha Brady "something suddenly came up." Called Life.

We have so much to be thankful for. Usually I'm taking the crappenings and just being thankful they're not worse and whatnot, but I don't even have to do that. Good things are in the air. 

First thing on my mind:
Game of Thrones is starting again!
Cersei and Tyrion, in honor of National Siblings Day
If you don't know what that is, please let me go on and on about it for you. The books are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life, my family are happy to report, and the show is the next best thing. I wrote a post about it here, CLICKforAWESOMEpost click that and I will be glad to even tell you more if that's not enough. 

I may be performing another 'emergency' wedding in the next couple of weeks! Reader's Digest Condensed story:
Friend of a friend has a diagnosis with immediate, urgent treatment necessary. She was engaged and now wants to be married before starting treatment. The church isn't able to help her move up her wedding for whatever reason. As long as they have their paperwork, I'm happy to help. And feed my cake addiction. Mostly help people grow their love.
Love, and the proper paperwork. from pamelagottfried.com
And thankful to have such a wonderful friend, who is trying their best to arrange a wedding and reception in 2 weeks using whatever means necessary. 

Thankful we don't live where tornadoes ever touch down. No  superstitious people, that will not make one . 
We might be too close to Lake Michigan or something. They had some to the West, gods help them, but don't here.

Shout out to Daniel Tosh, who calls the Midwest a place for people who gave up on their dreams. Now with the ungodly amount of snow in the northeast this year, and the drought in the west, it's not looking so bad I guess.

Thankful we don't live where this is a water shortage. Not yet anyway *knocks wooden table made in 1937 because we don't feel the need to get new everything all the time

I'm not thankful for any water shortage anywhere, but I hope to soon be thankful for desalinization of ocean water, which they are FINALLY going to do again. 
California started at one point, but it's expensive, and they stopped sometime in the early 90's. Hopefully they can tweak the process and/or technology and make use of the planet's water.

Thankful people are starting to (hopefully) be more aware of what we do to our planet. Instead of shutting our eyes, pretending we have little to no impact and throwing everything in the garbage as our country loves to do. Every day needs to be earth day for awhile.

This weekend is our annual family Polish Christmas party. In April. We'll sing Christmas songs, exchange a few gifts, eat Polish food and laugh at each other. And with each other. Sure.

Thankful my future BIL, the one I'm going to marry in September, is going to help us with our basement. It needs so much work, we're not sure where/how to start. We can't just hire a construction company and write a check, so it's nice to have an affordable option to move forward in some way. 

The last occupants, bless their hearts, nailed dark wooden paneling right to the studs. It doesn't feel like there is any kind of insulation or anything. In the winter it's like living over a giant freezer.

We also may open it up and take WALLS down. Leaving any load-bearing studs/posts, I'm hoping. I'll be sure to include before and after photos, for insurance purposes if nothing else. NO I'm kidding. It'll be fine. It literally cannot be any worse, so what the heck. (Yes, insurance is thankfully paid up.)  I'll be beyond thankful to make that brighter, warmer, and more COMFY because it is, after all the basement of Comfytown. And it doesn't look like it. 

I really want the Graceland TCB blue and yellow and mirrors basement, but I doubt Alex will go for that. He's gonna be like,
"NO thank you vera'much" with the Elvis lip thing.
Actual Basement of Graceland. We visited on our 1st actual vacation (3-day weekend) together.
AWESOME, right? TCB = Takin Care of Business
We DO have a jungle room, but it's not like Graceland's jungle room. It's just painted blue on top, green on bottom. I wanted to FILL THE CEILING with fake plants, but thankfully the hobby store guy said his cousins' in-laws did that and they're always overwhelmed with dust, super hard to clean. 
As part of preparation, we're cleaning out my son's room. He's never in there, so we'll store stuff in there and move the girls eventually. I've come across lots of memories, making me thankfully nostalgic. I may do a post, depending on timing and whether it seems interesting to anyone other than me. Doubtful.

This is one thing. It's, well, it is what it is.

It was a box. Now it's a ball.

For what?
For BoxBall, of course.

Boxball is a game my son and I made up when he was younger. We used to play all the time in our tiny apartment with the cinder block walls. I'm so thankful to be reminded of those times. Tiny apartment, not a lot of money but just tons of fun and happy, thankful togetherness.

BoxBall is pretty much volleyball played with a box, while standing on your knees, and random rally-point scoring. The original box we used was a 30-pack of soda, or maybe beer? That square-ish type of case. It was perfect. Until it ripped. 
from sodayoda.com
Those boxes are harder to find than you might think. Things usually come in the 24-can variety, but that rectangle box won't work. 

I'm here to tell you: You can't volley a rectangle. 

Most square boxes? Are too heavy for this game.

Then we tried to get fancy and use that box in the picture covered in duct tape. Don't do that. That made the box way too heavy and it kills your wrists. And lamps. And anything else it touches. That has to be 10. 

This lovely list (it's almost a list?) is part of the greatest online community of all time that doesn't include porn, The Ten Things of Thankful.


  1. Oh, we had boxball last week in TX! But that was "nail a big box to the wooden gate and pretend it's a basket for basketball." Still fun.
    Hey pretty soon you can quit keeping all those little ragamuffins and start performing weddings all day long! You are in demand!
    I was recently thinking of starting GoT. You say yes, huh?

    1. That game sounds like a blast! And a game that my 3 & 5 yr olds can actually play.
      DEFINITELY start the show or the books. After a few episodes you'll be hooked. I listen to the audio books because actual reading is near impossible right now, but same thing.

  2. box ball.... we didnt have a name...usually happened at drunken picnics! OH... and my niece keeps me up on Game of Thrones... which I cant watch cuz its wayyyyy too violent for my delicate hothouse flower like sensibilities... anyway she has a dachsund named... wait for it.... Tyrion! He is adorable too!

    1. Hahaha. I'm sorry it's too violent, and the show is much worse than the books. HBO loves extra nudity & violence. But they are the only ones paying the $60 million per episode it takes to create this world, so I am here for it.

    2. P.S. LOVE the dog name! Tyrion is my Spirit Animal, he's my absolute favorite.

  3. I kinda like the Elvis basement, but what.the.hell.is.that.thing on the coffee table? (or maybe I don't really want to know).

    box ball…nice
    (the phrase) "standing on our knees" …excellent!

    1. OMG I went back and looked and what the hell IS THAT THING?! It's like an albinostuffed mutant monkey! I have to search other pics and find out now! We were there 9 yrs ago, don't remember seeing that. Maybe it was relocated to the jungle room. That was full of animal weirdness!
      We played inside so we kind of had to play on our knees. We thought it was so much fun. Semi exercise. We didn't have cable TV so we got creative. Those were great times!

  4. Had a good laugh at that photo mailing water to California!

    1. I wish I could. And all that snow from the Northeast, it would've been great to send it over in a giant Futurama tube!

  5. I so love this list, Joy! You marry people for the cake. You went to Graceland once (I did, too - once is really enough, isn't it?). Saying you're glad you don't have tornadoes where you live is not going to cause them to come; Al Roker blabbing about it on The Today Show apparently will. #shutupAl.

  6. Now you're making me want to try those books. I wonder if I should. At some point. Maybe. And I'm so happy you're going to be able to help your friend. That's awesome. YAY BASEMENT!

  7. Ha! Joy I would love to read a 'nostalgic' post of yours! Boxball sounds brilliant. Aren't those the best memories? They cost little to no $. Good luck with your reno. BTW, I loved your post about your 'old man'!

  8. A happy read, Joy. Home rehab gets stressful, but it is worth it in the end. Of course, how would I know. We always plan to but never get around to any real make-over projects. Fact I learned on vacation this year: Aruba has the second largest desalinization plant in the world. I wonder who is first?

  9. I think me and my friends have had a few drunken rounds of boxball at times. I so need to catch up on Game of Thrones. That picture is hysterical.

  10. I'll look for that envelope! Gladly accepting water! :-)

  11. I'll look for that envelope! Gladly accepting water! :-)

  12. I love your pictures! The captions are the best and of course I love you! That monkey in Elvis; basement is a scary little beast. He should be used in place of the box in BoxBall. Which is a fabulous idea. I totes love the idea of standing on one's knees because #KneeFLex! And The Binch does Christmas in April? That is fabulous! You get to celebrate your name day twice! You are going to love your finished basement - it's the getting it finished part that will you hate. Stay strong during the process. Have a great week my Friend.

  13. "Performing an emergency wedding" sounds like such a badass, superhero thing.

    "We have no one to turn to. What should we do? I know, let's call Joy, she's the 24 hour emergency wedding officiant." So they call you at 3 in the morning. You answer on your burner phone and give them only one word - "Yes." Then you hop on your motorcycle and do a burn out on the way to the church.

    I smell a television pilot.

  14. Totally cracking up at your 1937 table and the cool group that doesn't include porn. Box ball is GENIUS. Also the whole recycling thing. Sad. For my IRL job, I work at an electronics and data destruction (hard drive shredding) and it's so damn sad how many mountains there are in China and other places made from keyboards and crap. Ugh. Anyway rant over.