I get it. I KNOW.

If you are a fan of comedy, and/or my usual reDICKulous sarcastic stylings, and not so much the serious side, let me save you 2 minutes: This post is not for you. I am not myself this week. That is to say, I am my SERIOUS self. Which is boring and reflective. Barf. 

This week has me troubled. Trouble in the news, beyond normal every day human trouble, senseless bombings in Atlanta, trouble in Texas, troubling Senate conclusions, troubling flooding in the Midwest, including one of the worst possible phrases I have ever heard: “sink hole.” *Shudder* 

I don’t need to bring up bad news again, I know. We get more than we need from the media, over and over and over and over. I know.

I had to avoid social media, and at some point ALL media this week, to save my sanity. I’m not sure why people need to broadcast the same stories over and over, and show pictures of the victims over and over. I know what happened. I saw those horrible images on the news, I will never forget them. 

I didn’t kill anyone, why do I need to see those images over and over. I know. 

I know it’s a tragedy, I know. 

I know that sweet little boy was amazing, he was EIGHT. I don’t need you to remind me. I know.
from reubenminer.blogspot.com

Why do the media, and every PERSON on social media feel the need to rehash horrible events and images, over and over and over. I KNOW DAMNIT. 

I have a television, and internet access, and radio. I know what happened. STOP posting horrible images over and over and over. I know. The good people KNOW.

Chances are you’re not reaching the bad people. And they don’t know these are bad images, because they are BROKEN, or they wouldn’t have done this in the first place. By reposting, rebroadcasting, you’re only feeding their need right now for the wrong kind of fame. You’re beating good people over the head with horrible images, and we already know. WE KNOW.

Stop telling me these people are cowards. I know.
Stop telling me to love my children. I do.
Stop telling me to hold them close because someone else can’t. I know.
I don’t need a reminder that this time goes by fast. I know.
I don’t need you to tell me that my life and their lives are precious. I know.

But those are just humans, having human responses to other human behavior. It’s easier for me to leave the party, than try to tell any other human beings how to behave. I know that too.

But LIFE on the other hand? I’d like to grab that bastard by the short and curlies and tell it:

Stop reminding me how short life is. I know.
STOP teaching me awful lessons about human behavior. I know.
Stop reminding me that everyone has their own struggle. I know.
Stop showing me every day how fast my babies grow up. I KNOW.
Stop giving me reasons to clutch them and never let them out of my sight.
Stop teaching me through HORRIBLE EXAMPLES of how wrong a human being can go. I KNOW!

Look at my past, don’t you think I KNOW THAT by now for fuck’s sake?

Do you think I try to overcome my horrible self and be kind to strangers and the homeless and bratty spoiled kids and typically annoying human beings who do the same shitty things over and over and emotionally unstable lunatics because I LIKE IT? No. I do it because I am also a human and I am also flawed and before I tried to be a better person, there were people that were kind to me.

I didn’t know why they were kind, I didn’t understand the circle, but I do now. I know.

I know that if I am kind to people, even when they annoy the shit out of me, hell especially when they annoy the shit out of me, they may eventually start to get it, and be kind to others, and it will grow from there. I know.

I get it, okay? So just STOP with the awful terribleness already. 
Lighten up a little and let us enjoy the day.


  1. RIGHT ON! Thank you for stepping up to the plate and saying this for all of the rest of us who think it but are too shy to say it out loud. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

  2. Pretty much echoes what I'm thinking, exactly!!!

    1. A lot of people. Some of the bloggers and page admins have come up with such great comforting words. I'm not there yet, just venting. Hopefully one day I can offer more encouraging words, they are out there! One celebrity comedian actually nailed it: Patton Oswold, google his response to Boston. It's great.

  3. I hear you. I'm with you. I love that Patton Oswold post too.

    I feel this way 90% of the time - I never watch the news anymore. It's so depressing.

    1. It seems like there is always someone who captures it and just kind of knocks it out of the park, that is the kind of thing I try to focus on. The good people, the kind people, and I try to focus on the words of the smart people.
      I feel that way about the news a lot, but ever since 9/11 I kind of HAVE to watch/listen almost every day. Not all day though.
      I would literally rather read blogs than watch 99% of what is on television. Chances are if anything important happens, they will explain it AND make me feel better about it in one fell swoop!

    2. Totally agree. But I'm addicted to Once Upon a Time, so blogs lose out if I have one hour to myself where I can watch a show uninterrupted.

    3. I couldn't get into that one. We liked Grimm for awhile but right now w/2 babies we just never had to time to watch it.
      We just discovered Breaking Bad a few months ago! hahaha

  4. You've summed up how I've been feeling this week very succinctly. Thank you.

    1. I wanted to mention something like this when I commented on YOUR post, the "something" that is in the air. It's HORRIBLENESS.
      I hope it's over and past now.
      I want us to be FUNNY again, damnit!

      Have a great weekend. We can try to anyway.

  5. Replies
    1. I hope it's all over soon, and we can resume our daily whatnot.