Sunday Confessions: Day Late And Dollar Short

I'm a day late on Sunday Confessions, playing the holiday time card. 

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Today's prompt is eating. Tis the season in America, though it seems to always be in season in ComfyTown. 

I don't beat myself up about it, it's my only vice. Besides swearing, drinking, social smoking, biting sarcasm.....stopping myself here because I cannot indulge myself in those vices much any longer. I'm surrounded by children all day, which I'm happy about, don't get me wrong, and they eat at least 6 times a day. I know, that doesn't mean I have to, but I obviously choose to.

I should probably feel guilty about that, but when you've had and grown up around people with much worse habits, over-eating seems pretty tame in the scheme of things. Since I hate exercise, this vice does result is some unsavory bulging results, but again, buying bigger and usually uglier, clothes seems like a relatively solvable problem in my life, so I don't sweat it. In fact I try not to sweat. At all. Ever. 

When this bothers me, I will do something about it. Probably. I wish it did bother me a little more sometimes, but mostly years of therapy have trained me to think ahead about my happiness. Being overweight has never really bothered me much. My husband & I might be enablers, as we both over indulge, but it's the one area of life I allow to be out of balance, to us the happiness it brings outweighs the consequences. For now anyway. 

There will probably be a point when this stops being true, and at our current girth we may dip into medical issues, and hopefully we will start to make healthier choices and get more exercise. Or get that lap-band surgery. Anyone know if that works??


  1. The truly unfair thing about excess weight is that it's a helluva lot easier to put it on than to take it off. Who made that rule?

    1. Good point! And as we get older, less energy to exercise, it gets harder. Psscht!

  2. This time of year we are bombarded with bad food. Don't even get me started on egg nog. I can't resist it. Yes, I force myself to workout!

    1. Egg nog is awesome, we deserve it for putting up with life all year!!