A Father's Day Message From Piper Chapman #OITNB

A Father's Day message from Piper Chapman.
(Orange is the New Black)

You just know that beyotch would make it all about her.

Full post/review on Season 1 vs. Season 2 coming tomorrow to a blog near you. Spoiler: It's THIS blog.

Here's how most of our pictures of my dad look. Does everyone have a million pictures of their dad napping? Or is it just us?
We have so MANY of these pictures

To be fair, when he was awake he did a lot. He was a spaz, and a volunteer firefighter.
Yep that's puppy me down there

Happy Father's Day whether you have a:
rich Daddy, 
a strict FATHER,
a fun Dad,
a weirdo Pop,
a drunken Old Man
or some random sperm donor.

Have bacon and beer and pull a Piper and make the day about you. 

My father's not alive anymore, but my kids' have a fun Dad and an awesome Grandfather in my FIL. We'll hang with them today and be grateful. Though I suck, so I forgot to buy bacon or make the handprint shirt I intended to for my husband. D'oh!

How will YOU be celebrating?


  1. Totally just sent my husband out to run errands with my daughter so I could rest while our son naps. You're welcome, Brian. Happy Father's Day!
    Ahhh, someone to discuss OITNB with? Yes! I think Season Two was better than One. The whole power play thing I loved. You?

    1. Attagirl, hope you got a nap.
      Season 2 is about 100 times better. It's much more fun and kind of like WHAMO all of a sudden! The Vee character really stirred things up! It was cool to see Red be so vulernable. And those GOLDEN GIRLS! Oy Mama!

  2. My dad was out of country (thankfully NOT in prison), and I gave my husband the best gift any dad who helps out 50/50 around the house could ever ask for: a weekend without the kids. :) I took them to my best friend's hosue for a weekend of fun with her kids, then we came home in time on Sunday afternoon to eat dinner with Dad and play outside for awhile. So he got the best of both worlds for his Father's Day, we thought.

    1. You are a real American hero. My sister & her ex-husband used to do that on Mother's/Father's day, the other would take both kids so they could relax and do whatever. Before I had 3 kids I thought: "Real nice" but now that I have a teenager and TWO toddlers? Dude, I get it.