George RR Martin Is The Real Ramsey Bolton

Do you watch Game of Thrones? If you have a heart condition, or are deeply disturbed by violence, you may want to sit this one out. I'm going to try real hard not to throw down any spoilers, even for those that might have recorded last night's episode and haven't watched yet, because I myself fell asleep and had to finish it this morning. And I look forward to this show all week.

George RR Martin is the REAL Bastard of Bolton because he is FLAYING us all slowly with this story. I know it's coming, I know what happened, I read all the books except the one he's still writing, and at times I STILL can't even.

I'm developing major commitment issues because every time I so much as think, 
"He is the man"
BAM! George has him pushing up daisies. Or Snapdragons, or whatever medieval fictional flowers grow in Westeros.

I have to change the subject before I SPOIL. 

Can we talk about Ramsey (Snow) Bolton now? 
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I have been waiting for this character in the show. He didn't disappoint. I watched an interview with the actor who plays Ramsey, he started describing Ramsey as a nice guy who enjoys walks in the woods, then they showed the scene in the show where he's HUNTING WOMEN. For sport. This is an especially disturbing part in the book, he especially enjoys the women who give him good sport, so he kills those quickly. The others? Flayed alive. It's the Bolton way.
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He was Employee of Every Month at CrazyCo, now he's CEOMG. Theon could have been rescued by his sister, he had the opportunity to slit Ramsey's throat while shaving his neck, but he'll never be free in his mind after what Ramsey did to his brain, so he stays fiercely loyal to THIS GUY.  Say what you will about Ramsey's level of sanity (currently: 2% on a good day) but he knows how to manipulate a MoFo. 

Don't hate the Flayer, hate the game.
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If loving this bastard is wrong, I'll see you in Hell. In the book he is an ugly man, but you know, HBO. 

I love the crazies, Ramsey is their Darth Vader and he finds your lack of missing body parts disturbing. Once again you go from liking a character, the high-born ward of the Starks formerly known as Theon, to hating him, to OUCH! and then pitying what's left of him, to being in awe of the total control Ramsey has, developing some mutant HBO-Stockholm Syndrome toward crazy Mr. Ramsey. 

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This is one of the very reasons I fell in love with the show, then the books, then the author. Everything is not cut and dry, black and white, good guy/bad guy. As I've said, his 'good guys' can be evil, or just do evil bidding and you find out later that bidding was for a greater good. Sometimes it's just pure molten evil.  

I'm still all up in the air about Jamie Lannister. You start out thinking their friends of the Starks, 
and then in Episode 1
OH NO THEY ARE frenemies at best, and then I don't remember how it went in the show but in the books you get some back story, you get a sort of respect for his gigantic Sense of Duty which rules his life; but then you get 
super cReEpEd out heebie-jeebies that what really rules his life is having sex with his sister
then you feel this weird pity for the control she has over him; then you don't care because he's just WEAK; but then
he comes to the rescue of Brianne, and he respects her, and helps her keep her word to Lady Stark, and on and on and I'm being vague now because stuff is going down and SPOILERS suck.

There is so much more, but I'm out of time right now. Hopefully I'll be back to update, and/or do additional posts. I can't talk enough about this show and the characters. I hate to talk about the books too much, as I have convinced a bunch of people to start reading the books, and they're not caught up to the show yet, and there's more delicious debauchery beyond where the show is, and fan speculation as to what is coming up because you don't EVEN want to know how book 5 ends, and my nerd chills, they're multiplying.

In the meantime....


  1. I have that internal struggle every time I watch the show. "I kind of like Jaime. Look at him trying to help Brienne. Or trying to help Tyrion. Oh wait, he's raping his sister now. I don't know how I feel about this."

    1. Agreed. And even if you feel sorry for him being in LOVE with her, he should still grow a pair and find ANY other partner and get a ROOM with someone he didn't share a womb with.

    2. Also in the book he never RAPES his sister, he doesn't ever have to. I think they want you to develop the "hate part" of your Feels relationship with him very quickly or something.

  2. I've never watched Game of Thrones or read the books, but I have to say, whatever he did made an impact. It seems to be all I've read about the past day or two!

    1. It was the 2nd most disturbing episode yet. Even people who did read the books were tweeting they were shocked.

  3. I don't watch this show. But I feel like I should. Everyone in the free world is tweeting about it, and I can't even follow the storylines because I don't watch it!

    Or I could just read your blog. It's like the Cliff notes.

    1. haha I wish I had time to do a recap for every episode! I like to talk about the differences between the books and the show, the show is going in it's own way, which is good to me, new stuff!

  4. I think I did something wrong. Why isn't my real gravatar showing up when I comment? I logged in as WordPress. I think I did.
    This is really confusing. Yikes.

    1. I couldn't help you with that, I never understand the different avi's and whatnot. Plus mine never match so that works against me as well. I'm about the worst blogger ever.

  5. No. I don't watch. BUT I WANT TO!!

    I'm not even all that sure what it's about, but all the hub-bub is sucking me in and I wanna know. I'm not sure where to start though.

    Even my husband has asked why we don't watch it. I just don't want to be lost and full of questions every day of my life...but now you're making me really wanna.


    1. hahaha we started watch the show, I LOVE any medieval, and then because we didn't have HBO we would see spoilers online so we started reading the books and got HOOKED. They're extremely violent, so if that's not your thing, I wouldn't bother.

  6. YES, all this, YES.
    I'll admit, I haven't read the books so I'm just flying blind but this last episode left me distinctly disturbed.. I loved "him" and his hedonistic warrior poet self. Ai yai yai.

    That meme at the end is amazing and so true.

    1. In the books he's even worse, his whole story is so disturbing. I should blog about that next time, I just didn't have much time this week. He IS a good character though, so crazy yet he knows what's he's doing, he's a total psycho.