A Piece of the Rock and Other Historical Things in MA

This week I glommed on to my husband's work trip like a human-sized barnacle to get a free vacation. In the past they've gone to places like Florida, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and this year, well ... Massachusetts. 

When I found out a fellow TToT blogger lived not too far away, I became 3000% more excited than I was before. That was the best part of the trip, meeting Zoe Byrd from rewritten blog. She's as smart, real, honest, beautiful, funny and easy to talk to as you would imagine. And then some. I about talked her ears right off her skull. I should really work on my listening skills. She's an amazing, inspiring person. If you know any part of her story, you know she's the personification of strength, of character. And polite enough to pretend to enjoy my company.
"How's the world treatin ya, Norm?"
"It's a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing milkbone underwear."
This is us having a beeyah at Cheeyahs, with card Norm. It's not THEE Cheers, it's a replica actual bar in Quincy Market. I'm told the real deal is very anti-climactic and I could have a beer here, so you can guess where I chose. 

I thought Glee was filmed in a school?
Quincy Market is a great touristy place by Boston Harbor, tons of tourist shopping and great people watching. 

We stayed in Plymouth, MA, which is known for it's 4-alarm rave parties. In no way. 

It's where Plymouth rock is, the most visited rock in New England, and it is a BIG DEAL. In the way that The Alamo is a big deal. Blink and you'll miss it.

This is what is left of it. It cracked in half, and they cemented it together, and apparently every time they tried to move it to put it in a Town Square or museum, they hired The 3 Stooges movers and it kept falling, cracking and getting chipped apart. Here's a *link* to the whole long boring informative story in case you're curious. It's amusing to see how destructive we can be in the name of reverence.

Also for awhile people who visited the rock would bring hammers and chisels and CUT OFF A PIECE FOR THEMSELVES, because Americans love to ruin everything beautiful. Perhaps this whole country if we don't outgrow our current troubled teen phase of life.

I guess it's not just 'Muricans, as the wise Zoe told me this is why Stonehenge is roped off. Because people suck and this is why we can't have nice things. Historical significance? Nah, bro, I need to get me a piece of the rock for my trailer on my TV stand in between my collector's edition Gilligan's Island DVDs and the belt buckle that reads "Guns don't kill people I DO." I say that as a person with a piece of the Berlin wall in my basement, that my sister purchased off of e-Bay, but that was purchased from a wall coming down, right? 

There was also a replica of the Mayflower. I didn't see anyone taking any part of that for themselves thankfully.
I still cannot believe 102 passengers plus crew traveled for 55 days in this tiny ship. Check out these pictures if you ever feel cramped in a modern day jet, boat, or anywhere. 

Keep in mind these people had to answer nature's call in chamberpots, probably right next to each other. I asked the pilgrims on board about this, much to their chagrin and the delight of the school kids taking a tour.
The pilgrim womens' long skirts are starting to make sense now. She could be dropping a deuce right now for all we know.

This is more of inside the ship.

 This is where they prepared meals, you know just over an open flame on a wooden ship, NBD. 

Defense against pirates

Not much else happened, other than walking along the water, daydrinking, night drinking, and then tons of relaxing. I didn't take any pictures of that because WHY would I? 

The first night we stayed in Fairhaven, MA, and the next morning took a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. 

We didn't plan anything as per our usual, we just walked around until we saw the next beer sign, like we were on some white trash scavenger hunt. 
Our traveling companion

It was amazing, the weather was absolutely perfect. Warm and sunny with that amazing off-the-water breeze that makes you get the whole boat life hassle. 

I forever didn't understand why people spend so much money to have a water car. WTF? If you're not fishing, just drive a regular car. If you like the sun, get a convertible, or a motorcycle. 

Their weather is not too different from ours, so someone made a deal with a weather demon for our weekend. It was rainy Tuesday and Wednesday, still plenty of dry and even some sunny moments, but not like the weekend. It was nice to walk with that sea breeze around you, much easier for an asthmatic to breathe. 
 You can smell that sea breeze, can't you?
I have a few more scenery shots but Blogger is being a 2 yr old and not letting me upload more pictures, so I can toddler right back and I'm calling it. There are more shots on my Instagram, click *HERE* if you're interested in that.


  1. You were in my hometown! Glad you had some fun ;)

    1. I wish I spent more time in Boston, but they say they are having this conference in the same place again next time, so I'll have to see me some more of Boston!

  2. I only spent a few hours in Boston during my visit several years ago. Would love to stay longer and be a total tourist. lol Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    1. Thanks. That's about all I spent in the BIG CITY of Boston, we stayed in Plymouth which is ... pretty, but I'm a city girl :)
      I'm told my husband's next conference will be in the SAME place next year, so I'll try to hit Boston more.

  3. What a great trip, great pics, and great humor you threw at it!!

    I really bet it was interesting...I would love to see the Mayflower.

    (The part on the long skirts....OH MY GOD HAHAHAHA!!!)

    1. Thank you! It was amazing, it didn't say anything about the SIZE but it looked SO SMALL to hold that many people for so long. I shall really try not to complain about modern traveling after seeing that.

  4. OMG I asked the bathroom question too! Right after I fell in the harbor! I loved meeting you ! You are one of the most gracious people I have met in a while... let me tell you ... a delight to be with! Not kidding... Norm on the other hand was surprisingly one dimensional!

    1. HAhahaha I knew about "the head" where the men go up top, I still say I have to use the head sometimes, mostly because that would be freaking impossible for women without some contraption, ropes and pullies.
      Thank you, you are beyond delightful, I feel like I talked your ears off! I do know you said a few words, and I actually REMEMBER them, impressive! Norm, hahaha his jokes were pretty ... FLAT. nyuk nyuk
      The next conference is going to be in the same place next year, I'll let you know as soon as I get the dates!