Scatterbrain's Guide to Perpetual Motion: Guest Post at Snarkfest Blog

You may have heard of a funny blog called "Snarkfest." It's thoughts from a totally snarkcastic mom. It's in the TOP 25 Funny Moms of 2013, so it's (more than) kind of a big deal. This is going to surprise you, but I'm kind of a fan of sarcasm. 

The beautiful Snark-stress at Snarkfest let me guest post on her blog. Definitely kind of a big deal for me. It's kind of a funny post. 

Ever wonder how busy, crazy moms don't get it all done? I spell it out pretty clearly for you. You're welcome.

I call it "Scatterbrain's Guide to Perpetual Motion," click the link and take a peek. Hope you're not allergic to awesome.


Check out her Facebook page as well at Snarkfest.

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