80s Movies: The Musicals. Thank You, Internet

I was watching the news, which I have posted is depressing, because it's the only thing I watch live (as opposed to DVR'ed) so I have to actually see commercials. I know, but I have my laptop so I muddle through. I'm a Survivor.

Speaking of commercials, we saw one for Flashdance: The Musical. To prove I am not making that up, I googled a link.  
Wear a raincoat if you go. Seriously.
This is probably no surprise to musical fans, I'm sure. I am NOT a fan of most musicals, unless there are sock puppets involved (click to view a whole post on Sock Puppet Show Girls, the pictures alone are worth the click) and then, hell to the yes. 
Now THIS? I might watch   from BroadwayinChicago
However, thinking about certain movies as musicals does make me laugh, and a laugh is a laugh.

I started thinking about other 80's movies as musicals, and singing famous lines from movies like The Terminator: The Musical. Picture a cyborg with Viking braids, singing in an Operatic voice, lifting one hand:
"Get in da choppa' DO IT NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-W!"
Powerful stuff. 
Yeeeeah, THIS is why you won't see many of my drawr-ings on here.
Don't ask me why I attempted to draw that. I forgot I can only draw stick figures. Stick figures go together with cyborgs like ice cream and meat sauce.

Since the internet provided nekked Spongbob, I figured I would have a talk with my friend, Google and see what I could find for this picture, or movies as musicals. 

I found so, so much.

First of all, I am NOT the first person to think of Terminator: The musical, more on that later, but also not the first person to think of other 80's movies as musicals.

Footloose, seemed obvious, but this picture cracked me up.
Look at the cowboy! Oh, the one on the far right I mean. Willard!
from MarkGoucher.com
Hard to think about, but do you think the Kevin Bacon character sings that lunchroom scene ending with '...'Don't stop, make Ginger pop!'? This would be heeeeeee-larious to see performed by high school kids, but you'd have to pay me ~5 large to sit through this at an actual theater/theatre, and or maybe provide me with a limo to and from so I could drink. Hard.

9 t0 5: The musical? You betcha. Youngins, I can't speak to the musical, but if you haven't seen this movie, it's heeelarious. Especially if you have ever worked in an office.
Roz Keith: Here, Violet, you can put this up on the bulletin board.
Violet: Thanks, Roz, I know just where to *stick* it.

Roz Keith: Did you get my memo?
Violet: [ambiguously] I did, Roz. I tore right through it.
Ghostbusters the musical? 2,330,000 results on Google

My first thought about a Ghostbusters play was how much I would LOVE to play Slimer, or as normal people know him "that fat, green floaty ghost."
Slimer. Cute, right?
from ghoula.blogspot.com
I could bunch myself up into a ball, and put a blanket over me that was sprayed with glow paint, then the black cables would fly me all over the stage.                         I 
could grab hotdogs with my green blankethands, push them through the mouth hole of the blanket and drop them out of the bottom like in the movie. I might need to actually make this happen somehow. If I started a fundraiser for GB the musical, you would go, wouldn't you?

Ghostbusters: The Musical

And the rage it instilled

Ok, so I came across this webpage. This webpage contained "Ghostbusters: The Musical". I was seriously disturbed. After having seen the Ghostbusters movies just yesterday, seeing this webpage turned me into this rage of fury. Seriously, I yelled and... well, maybe not yelled, but I most certainly got mad and disturbed.
Granted, it's amusing. But it's amusing because it's so bloody awful! They make it known to the reader that they sing songs to the tunes to "There's No Business Like Show Business", and "Y.M.C.A.". They also alienated a Beatles song [Blasphemy! — BeatleEd]. They took "Yesterday", and made it "Ghosts Away". It hurt my brain.
How can one take such incredible theatrical releases, and turn them into crap by making musicals out of them. It deserves to be printed up, and then burned. Burnt to a crisp! It should burn in hell! Now, don't get me wrong, I think that some of the script is entertaining, but it's just so wrong to think of Ghostbusters as a Broadway Musical! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!
Back to the Future: The musical, what? 130,000,000 results
You don't want to be in a small theatre when the Dolorian hits 88mph on stage
from flixist.com
Then the whole thought train derailed, news forgotten and we wasted a good 20 minutes this morning once we stumbled across these beauties:
Cartoons of movies made into musicals.  So money.

Terminator: The Musical

The Dark Knight Rises: The Musical 
To the tune of Mackelmore's thrift shop song.

There were a TON more, go to YouTube if you want to lose about an hour, and search any of these. The music for some of them left a lot to be desired. 

We are huge Star Wars fans, and that one was in my one-word review: "Meh."

The best, in our humble opinions:

JAWS: The Rock Opera
to some heavy metal band we couldn't identify but L'ed OL

What did we even DO before the internet? I can't even remember but I know it sucked.


  1. I recently saw something like this on YouTube that made me laugh -- Wolverine the Musical, with muppets. The Wolverine muppet was pretty good, actually.

    1. That is AWESOME! I have to look for that, for the visual alone. There is also a couple different Harry Potter sock puppet series on YouTube, which I am obvy a fan of.

  2. These are all just hilariously awesome. And there's more? Well, goodbye productivity for the rest of the day...

    1. I'm so sorry about your day, you'll never get that time back, but OH you'll burn so many calories laughing. I wish I thought of this. And could draw.

  3. OMG, laughing much too hard at my office, people are going to think I'm nuts

    1. I know! That's exactly how we were when we found these. We almost woke the kids up, THAT is how funny we found them.

  4. YAY FOR THE INTERWEBS!!! Productivity be damned, I'm all up in this youtube searching! Thank you Joy! <- Not sarcasm, fyi! I'm actually thanking you!

    1. Even if you WERE being sarcastic, you would still laugh your hams off at a lot of those. We have watched the Jaws one at least eleventy times. A laugh is a laugh.

  5. One thing I've never quite been a huge fan of is musicals. Mostly because I never really understood how people could just randomly break into song and dance and everyone knows all the words and moves. lol But some of these ideas for musicals are crack-ups! I'm picturing Schwarzenegger in a musical version of Terminator . . . lol

    1. I totally agree. On ALL of that! Musicals are PAINFUL! Unless it's a play about a musician, for example "The Buddy Holly Story" was really good. Any other musicals? I want to CLAW MY OWN EYES OUT! I did picture the metal-man cyborg with Viking braids, and I WISH I could draw that. It would be hilarious.

  6. hahahaha Kill it with fire. I like that.

  7. If this isn't proof that the interwebs is a force of good in the world, I don't know what is. I'm off to do some Google searching right now (Top Gun the musical....or maybe E.T. the musical...)--Lisa

    1. Oooh I didn't see a Top Gun one, me too!
      "There are TWO O's in Goose."

  8. The only thing that didn't suck about it was we thought we were original.

    1. That is true, there was a lot less discovering my bright ideas were also thought of by someone else.

  9. Hahaha! Terminator The Musical! I would so go and see that!

    I'll Be Back!