ComfyTown is OH, So Fabulous

I was nominated for the “Oh So Fabulous” award (shuttey your uppey, I was) by the amazing Complete Bliss Blog. Click that link for proof.

This is me all over, right? Don't answer that. 
It was awhile ago, but you don’t even want to know the shit (sometimes quite literally) that interrupts my day, my life, my already fragile train of thought. Especially lately. Let’s just get on with it.
Rules for participating:
1. You must link back to the person who nominated you. See Link above to http://completeblissblog.blogspot.com

2. You must answer the 5 questions given to you by your nominator.See below for questions posted by Complete Bliss Blog and my answers!
3. You must pick bloggers, each with under 1,000 subscribers, to be nominated for the award. (I chose BlogLovin' statistics for my nominees) See Below for my Nominees!
4. You must come up with 5 questions for YOUR nominees to answer.See below!

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My 5 questions:
1.If you could choose one person to meet, alive, dead, fictional or real, who would it be and why?
I'm going to assume you mean besides Harry Potter, because seriously.
That’s easy:
Spuds MacKenzie.
Bud Light gives me the runs, but it would be worth it
That dog loved to party. Who wouldn’t want to surf and drink beer with a party dog? PUT ME DOWN for summa that.
I prefer Miller Lite to Bud Light, yes despite the spelling of Lite, but I’m assuming Spuds gets free Bud for life, so hey party on dawg. *finger phone* Call me.

2. If you were a superhero, what superpower would you choose and why?
Super Sarcasm Girl – she can take any comment, good or bad, and turn it into a bitchy, snarky remark. I would also shoot beer out of my wrists like Spiderman’s web. Because THAT is a SUPER power.

3.What is the first thing you would do if you hit the lottery for 3 million dollars?
Laugh. Then track down a few of my old bosses, some to really swear at hardcore, and one so we could remind him how he always said if HE won the lottery? He would go back to his tiny home town and, I swear to blog I am NOT making this up, PUNCH the pastor of his church in the face. Not even kidding. So if he would do that for a small amount of money, I would consider giving him money. Consider, I said. You wouldn't want to see a priest get punched? Well, I guess we have different taste.
I also would build a new custom ComfyTown. A huge, comfy CASTLE that looked like a medieval castle on the outside and in the foyer, (I’m a dork for SciFi and Fantasy, especially anything medieval,) but the inside would be filled with modern luxuries and the kitchen would be closer to Star Trek. Every room would have THEE most comfortable furniture money can buy.

The kids would have big marshmallow rooms filled with cushions and pillows. As would the adults, but the adult rooms would also have televisions and fully-stocked bars.

EVERY ROOM would have those gun things with hoses like they have behind bars, but instead of soda, they would dispense vodka, rum, Southern Comfort.

The basement would look like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, yes of COURSE the old one.  Always and forever the old one.

We would also pay off my father-in-law’s condo, or maybe a huge house closer to us, and other family members’ houses, but that’s not as funny and interesting as our ComfyTown Castle would be. It would be flippin SWEET!

4. What do you consider your best achievement to date?
That’s tough. And not because there are so many.
Is not murdering annoying people an achievement? Because I seriously have worked with some HUM DINGERS. No huh?

I am a great mom. I didn’t think I would be, I was a really shitty person before my son was born. And yes, okay, I still am, but I am a fantastic, (over) nurturing mother. Not perfect obviously, but I love my children so much that doing what is best for them is easier for me than I thought it would be.
Same with my husband, but he is easy to love, he is totally adorable and lovable. My children are a little tougher. Because they are children. Children don’t think about anyone but themselves, they need to be taught those things. BY US, so that makes it harder to be mad when they do something selfish. Their faults are on US.

5. Open up that phone's camera. What is the last picture you took and whats the story behind it (including it is optional)?
As soon as I saw this, I got a BIG SMILE on my face. I haven’t taken a picture since late Saturday night, after a family wedding. We got home, the kids literally PASSED OUT in the car and we had been chasing them all night, so even though my family kept bringing us STRONG drinks (I really love my family, btw) we felt like we needed to relax with more beer at home.
I knew my husband was buzzed, because at the wedding when the bride sang a song, my husband got really excited and said (too loudly) “OH, it’s karaoke! Good, I been drinkin!”
Drunk Alex loves karaoke. Drunk Alex is a lot of fun until he gets to sloppy-drunk Alex, then he’s annoying, but we weren’t there yet.
When we got home, he was determined to find music and sing along with it. Much to my chagrin, he was on an Air Supply kick. UGH. He loves Air Supply, has their CDs and annoyingly knows ALL THE WORDS. This picture is him, singing “Make Love Out Of Nothing At All” at least I think that is the name of that song. I HATE Air Supply. So much. It’s the recipe for vomit. One time when we were dating, Drunk Alex was trying to force me to like Air Supply, kind of like a “praying the gay away” program, so no, it did not work, and instead of praying, Drunk Alex SAT ON ME and kept singing despite my screaming that I couldn’t breathe and was waiting eagerly for death. Our passed out friend, Drunk James, did nothing to help despite my screaming and yelling. Of course later I realized he was passed out upstairs and missed it all. Lucky bastard.
The 2nd to last picture on my phone, right before this one, he picked up his laptop and I couldn’t get a picture, but here he was totally getting into the song, no defense! Hahaha My revenge for having to sit through those annoying songs!
I was able to steer him into big hair band ballads, Elton John which he sang along a little bit, and Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are” which totally made up for that whole Air Supply kick.

So there are my answers, I am sorry that each post makes you know me better.

Now onto my nominees!!

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And Nominees, here are your questions!!

1.    1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? (The comments are my fave.)
2.  What is your favorite drink? Or stress snack if you don’t drink. Wait, why not? j/k
3. What is the funniest post you have written? Or makes you smile the most.
4. Do you get why people like the McRib? Splain. Seriously. I don’t get it.
5. Are you sick of seeing memes and jokes about bacon? Why or why not? DON’T EVEN LIE.


  1. This took me 47 times of starting and restarting, and getting interrupted and restarting. In case you're wondering why I don't blog much lately.
    It is almost impossible in my life right now.

  2. Thank you mam! I love that you love hair bands, Billy Joel and Elton John! Me too! Too funny he sat on you for his Air Supply Concert! Hilarious!

    1. Well I don't know that I LOVE that music, it's just all better than Air Supply. Barf!

  3. I literally did a the "spit out laughing" deal when I read that one of your old bosses wanted to go back "home" and punch a priest. Holy crap on a cracker, I was not expecting that. Awe.Some.

    1. I had the same reaction, we were at lunch talking about it and I think I spit steak soup all over the table. I never forgot it. A very nice, Southern-gent type guy said it, too, the kind you hear people later say on the news "He seemed like such a nice guy." You just never know.

  4. Can I come live with you at the ComfyTown Castle? It just sounds so awesome.

    1. Toooooooooootally! It's going to be such a HUGE castle, we will need to bring people in so we don't totally forget how to speak to people and stuff.

  5. Ahh, I like you more and more every time I come to your page :D Naturally I meant besides Harry Potter, He should be #1 to meet on EVERYONES list! And excuse your Super Hero.. That is a "super-awesome-hands down-best" superhero EVER!!! As soon as you buy that castle I am moving in, because in a way I put the thought in your head by asking the question (That's logical right?). It is perfectly acceptable for not murdering people to be an achievement but wait... what is Air Supply??

    1. hahaha fair enough. You do NOT want to know what Air Supply is! Don't google it, it's worse than Blue Waffles. You can't unhear it.

  6. I love this award. Not just cause it's says I'm fabulous which is obvious but cause your answers were BANANAS and I love it. I'm stoked to be included!!! Whoop

    1. What? My answers are Totes serious.
      Can't wait to see yours.

  7. It took me over a week, and I didn't even help any shorties do math homework this week *shudder* I HATE MATHING.

  8. Great answers to the questions and congrats on the blog reward!

  9. I didn't notice that you nominated me... till today. God I'm a blond. Can I still get in on this? I have been so removed from the blog for the past few months. Let me know Joy because I will do it right away today. I may need your help to get all the links to show up though!

    1. hahahaha of COURSE! I took awhile to respond as well, because LIFE. It's a busy time for life, a slower time for blogging. Whenever you get to it is FINE!
      I'll help anyway I can!