Creepy Easter Bunnies, Spring Drinks and Geeky EGGS

I didn't post anything this week, just didn't have make time. I am usually able to post seasonally appropriate (read: SILLY) things to social media from my phone, but I can't image blogging from my phone. Unless anyone wants to donate thinner fingers for a finger-switching operation like the movie Face Off, but with less Nick Cage. With ZERO Nick Cage actually.

I want to share things here, too, but lately uploading pictures to Blogger drains my will to live, so I hope you ain't mad if I post links. 
It makes me THIS sad
You may be tired of all the small woodland creatures, "signs of spring" flower buds from all over the globe, and a myriad of pastel-colored eggs. And I'm with you. Then again, you might be extremely glad I wasn't able to upload pictures of one particular project that kept me busy for this morning:
Seeking Creepy Easter Bunny pictures.

I uploaded several bunny costume pictures from the sparkly, shiny 70's 'Pennywise' bunnies, to the Twilight Zone-worthy black and white terrorizing rabbits that nightmares are made of, those are my favorite.

I had people ask me to stop uploading the pictures, so I pinned them to Pinterest, link here:


I also pinned several Spring DRINK recipes to this board, called "Spring All The Things" Yes, there are peeps.
from garnishbar.com


In the same board are several awesome geeky ideas for Easter eggs. We made some Adventure Time eggs last year, it was relatively easy following the pictures.

Pro Tip: Use Sharpies on eggs if you can, better color. I have kids so yeah, WASHABLE only, which are crappy.

This year we did some Game of Thones eggs, the kids just love that show. Especially the rascal Lannister family.
A Lannister always pays his debts, and colors everything red and gold, with lions.
House Targaryen dragon eggs, which I just drew scales on with a yellow crayon and colored w/food coloring.
Smile, Raegal!
Speaking of crappy crafting, if you're going to make art with egg shells like you see on Pinterest, what no one told me last year was that you should color already PEELED shell pieces, otherwise you get a LOT of white inside the shell, as opposed to the beautiful rainbow of colors pictured. THIS kind of shit causes Pinterest Fails. I'm on to you Pinterest witches. 
Says "Lola" not that you can read it

Happy whatever you celebrate:
Creepy Bunny Celebration
Overeating Peeps (think Rice Krispie treat Peeps)
Clearance Easter candy next week!
Using robin eggs as lipstick, it works.

If you have those extra special children, the ones that get coal at Christmas, consider the Buffalo Bill basket.
Also good for dry skin.


  1. Replies
    1. Totally. There are some truly terrifying costumes.

  2. I agree with Debra. Look at the face of that poor kid in the bunny's lap!

    1. Whatever made people think it was okay to smoke while eating dinner with their whole family, was also the line of logic that allowed their children to sit on the laps of strangers in costumes straight out of a horror movie.

  3. DYING LAUGHING!!!!!! Those creepy bunnies are sure to give anyone nightmares but my favorite is your Pinterest egg shell fail. Hilarious!!!

    1. My new thing is to call out people on any missing (vital) instructions on their blog posts. Especially cooking blogs that leave out things like:
      If you use a dark sheet, these will burn to a crisp.
      You can't expect people to just know that stuff.

  4. Those easter bunny pictures (i'm pretty sure) are the EXACT reason we never brought Braylon to see them (or santa for that matter). We attempted to this year... he bawled his eyes out. My two year old cry baby apparently can't handle grown men in costumes (which is ironic because when Chad was younger he was the easter bunny to make some loot)...

    1. Ha! Same here. My son had an episode, so I never tried again. My husband tried this past Christmas w/Santa, she was NOT having it. We saw an Easter bunny, not even a particularly creepy one, in a restaurant and my daughter was terrified. She started shaking. Not worth the trauma!

  5. I used to make arts and crafts. But then I just realized you can buy art. Some other chump makes it for you, and you pay a small price for it. That works just fine for me.

    1. I'm way too cheap for that. My kids do "crafts" which just means I give them odd little things I find around the house and a glue stick and see what she comes up with. Keeps her busy. For about 2 minutes.

  6. My favorite creepy bunny is the one from the movie Donnie Darko. Which is my most favorite Easter movie of all time.

    1. Wow, of all the Easter movies in all the world, however many that might be, you chose that ey? I may have to see this movie. I've seen pictures, but haven't had the pleasure. I usually like creepy things, so I should like it.