What Holds My Family Together: Tape

Last time I mentioned my guest blog for a lovely blog called My Personal Legend. I will post a link you can click at the bottom of this to read my entry called "A Mover and a Taper," and take a look at her work. I also wrote a song parody to "Love Will Keep Us Together" dedicated to tape.

Her blog is very pretty, organized and informative, and at the risk of making my own blog look even more pathetic, I was delighted when she asked me to write for her blog. She is moving, so naturally having been a NOMAD for a 6-year period of my life, I wrote a few tips I thought were important when moving.

Then I got off on a tangent (shocking, I know) and started writing a Love Letter to tape, which pretty much does HOLD us TOGETHER. (Mmm hmm.) Finally, I wrote a song parody to tape, to the tune of “Love Will Keep Us Together” no doubt because I had been relatively serious for about 4 paragraphs and could not take it anymore. The song is on that link. It got me thinking about seriously HOW FREAKING MUCH I use tape right now. Hey, it’s cheap. Looking around ComfyTown, I was amazed.

Check this out.

When most people think about what holds their family together they think, Love, Respect, Communication. When I think about what holds us together here in ComfyTown, hands down it’s tape. That’s right, from Duct Tape to packing tape to scotch tape, we use it every day and it not only keeps us safe and sane, in some cases it’s a LIFE SAVER.

Think I’m kidding? Look at this picture of the kids’ dresser drawers TAPED closed:
 Best picture I could get

SAFETY. If I didn’t tape the drawers shut, the baby (and the toddler has started copying her) pulls the drawers open, pulls out all of the clothes, and then CLIMBS into the drawers. Not just annoying, very unsafe. Besides the children falling down, these are CHEAP dressers, they would easily tip over.

Also in their room, here is the cord to the baby monitor. If not taped, it gets knocked down, unplugged, generally thrown around.

FRESHNESS. I wish I knew how many dollars I have spent over the years on chip clips. I’m not sure what it is about them, the little ones love to play with (BREAK) them, the teenager  leaves them all over, they disappear. Now I keep a roll of disposable tape in the pantry for the open chip bags, flour, etc.
It's not easy photographing CLEAR stuff. Clearly. 

Yes, this IS a picture of CLEAR tape holding that bag together. Naturally this is where I STOPPED taking photos of clear tape. For obvious reasons.

I also pink puffy heart Duct Tape. Earth-wide savior. I don’t have to tell you the millions of uses for duct tape. Duck Brand tape gives a scholarship to the best prom dress made of Duct tape. Our backyard slide would be a sharp tunnel of razor blade edges if the edges were not covered by exactly-matching blue duct tape. (Obviously the pictures were lame.)

MEDICAL. From washing my hands eleventy thousand times a day, I get dry, cracked bleedy skin. I’m down to one spot but keeping it covered when constantly washing my hands is impossible unless I tape over the bandages:
 Spongebob Duct Tape, classy

SANITY. Those super loud toys are the ones my kids love the most. They either don’t have a volume control, or those are the FIRST controls my kids master, to turn them ALL THE WAY UP. Save us, Duct Tape-Kenobi, you’re our only hope. Any duct tape over the speaker area will work to dampen the sound. If you can match the colors it brings less attention, so there is half a chance the kids won't rip it off immediately.
 RED duct tape on a red toy. Genius.

ENTERTAINMENT. Here is a cord to a game that will not stay put.
Works great now, thanks SBob

You get the idea. So whatever holds YOUR family together, consider tape. For so many things.

>>UPDATE<< from 4/15/2013 I had to re-attach the arm to my reading glasses. With what?
Do these make me look smart?
That's class right there. Honey Boo Boo would be proud, Red Duct Tape-ecognize.

Don’t forget to click the link to check out My Personal Legend for my post called “A Mover and a Taper,” complete with song parody. 

Hope you’re not allergic to awesome. Or tape.


  1. Love it! And you must tell me where you found the Spongebob duct tape. Also please kick me now for not thinking of taping over the speakers to those annoying toys years ago when Hayley had a gazillion of them.

    1. hahahaha Lola's Godmother got her the Spongebob tape, I will ask her where she found it but I did see a pretty wide selection of patterns at Target.
      Tape over the speakers was my genius husband. He plays everything like a chess game, parenting, husband, life. And he is totally WINNING. Not like Charlie Sheen winning.