Having A Day: Fierce Drag Queen Tiger Baby

I have nothing inspiring or super witty to say today, probably haven’t for awhile. Life is busy, the great thing about your own blog is NO DEADLINES. No rules. Just “This is how I feel today.”

It’s winter. It’s one of those days. At this moment I am tired of talking about how TIRED I am. I am sick and tired of a lot of things. I have no major issues, my family is healthy, I am blessed with three healthy typically boundary-pushin’ children. 

We live in a warm, comfy house, with internet access. We have a dishwasher. I can do laundry IN MY OWN HOUSE. We have two vehicles that for ONCE don’t LEAK or break down every other day. These are things I haven't always had. We have food to eat, wine to drink, we have debt, we have good days, we have bad days. I love it. All. It doesn't mean I don't get the blues.

If I’m crabby, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all I have. I do.

If I let the kids toys stay all over the floor, it doesn’t mean I’ve given up. I haven’t. At least I don’t think so, but do check back tomorrow.

If I order pizza for dinner one day, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to provide healthy nourishment for my family.

If I let the kids watch TWO episodes of Sesame Street, it doesn’t mean I don’t care.

If I am soooo SICK of shoveling all this damn snow, it doesn’t mean I hate winter or the Midwest. (Though I kind of do today.)

If I don’t want to take my baby outside and listen to her cry because she refuses to leave her hat, gloves, boots, etc., on her body, it doesn’t mean I don’t want her to have fresh air.

If I don’t feel like planning, scheming and rearranging everything just to have a shower, it doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up on myself.

If I don't feel like adding funny pictures to this, it doesn't mean I don't want to entertain people anymore.

If I’m venting and whining, it doesn’t mean I want your pity. Feel free to say something nice or shovel my driveway though.

If I’m overwhelmed today, it doesn’t mean I won’t kick Life’s ass tomorrow.

It just means I’m human, and I’m having a day. 

Human problems, Mommy problems, First World Problems, we are ALLOWED. Only the clinically insane are happy all the time.

Don’t fight it. Go with it. Vent. Talk to a friend. Write a stupid fucking blog about it. Like The Secret Life of Bees, write it down and put it in the wall. 

This too shall pass.


FYI: I like to post the good, the bad, and the UGLY so just so y'all know WHILE I was posting this (obvi it took about 3-4 minutes MAX) my kids were playin in the bathroom, and the 3 yr old got a hold of one of my mascaras and made her sister into a fierce baby drag-tiger. 

Fierce, baby drag-tiger captured in her natural habitat
This made me laugh, totally turned my day around. I mean, first off, if I'm on Facebook or blogging and my kids get into trouble, I DESERVE it. Second, it was so quick and they were SO freaking QUIET I was pretty amazed. Plus, she does look FIERCE! Lola will be doing my make-up soon. Someone should.


  1. Hi! Found you through the prestigious award given to you by raising wild things. I too am in the Midwest, and seriously...this weather is turning me schizophrenic, either that or my other personality just realized I am schizophrenic. I have had to stop writing during the day because of the mass havoc being caused by my often pyro-maniac child. So I appreciate your tiger-baby very much :-) Thanks for the commiseration and laughs!

    1. Glad it made you chuckle! By March we're ALL sick of winter. Remember when November used to be snowy? And March used to be Spring?? I really hope it cycles back to that. I like a cold Thanksgiving and a WARM Easter, call me crazy.
      Thanks for reading, and commenting! Here's hoping today is a better day for all. (And that w/all the rain coming this weekend, we don't all have flooded basements from melting snow.)

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  3. LOL, I love that picture! I don't let my girls get into my room EVER - it's not just the bathroom time that my baby gate protects! :-) But you're right, if they get in trouble while I'm farting around on the internet I totally deserve it. But don't we also deserve a few minutes a day of mentally checking out of this crazy house? :-)

    1. mmmmm hmmmm. FB is my reward for staying sober....which I usually do until at LEAST after lunch. Lesser of two evils, people.

      I don't LET them in my room, sometimes I forget to lock it and the 3 yr old can open doors no prob, bob. And climb on furniture and move it around to find stuff I've lamely "hidden"

  4. Ah yes, I don't yet have kids but one thing I've learned is that if you even give them 30 seconds alone, they can destroy an entire room, or their clothes, or their faces, or all of the above. It's truly a gift. I don't think I could do that now as an adult.

    1. It's amazing how fast they are. They can clear an entire shelf of shit in seconds. I could probably do that, too, but you bet your sweet hams I would drop something on my toe or poke my eye out. They? Just laugh their evil children laughs and look around for what's next.