Look, I'm Being Social! Sunday Social

I’m participating in a Sunday Social (NOT drinking tea, though, that’s where I draw the line on being social!) hosted by a lovely blog called “Some Days Just Are a Complete Waste of Makeup!” (Great name, ey?)  It seems like a well-behaved blog, so I will be on my best behavior. Which is still not great, but I did shower today. I didn't wash my hair, but that's a long (BORING) story. What's that about over-sharing? Oh, sorry. I'm new to this.

The Questions:

1.What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? 
Is this supposed to be family friendly?? I think so, so…….
Sleep in, drink coffee w/Baileys while playing Harry Potter cards w/my husband, then read and half-ass watch TV all day. Bu-u-u-u-t we have a lot of kids, so that might as well say "juggle flaming bowling balls and buzzing chainsaws", cuz it ain’t happenin. I just love when we don’t have a me-e-ellion things to do.

2. What is your favorite thing to do on a summer weekend? 
Go to farmers markets, outdoor festivals that have live music and beer in plastic cups. (Did I mention I’m SUPER classy?!) 
We don’t last long there either w/the babies, so we BBQ a lot and have TONS of yardwork (BARF) that we hate to do. We usually do a tiny amount every weekend, instead of getting it all over and done with at once, like big people do.

3. What is your favorite spring accessory? 
Earplugs or my iPod. Both my REAL iPod, and my flask, which I re-named “iPod” about a month ago, so I could honestly say to my family “I’ll be ready for this day in just a minute, right after I LOAD MY iPOD!” 
from 43things.com

A-a-a--a-a-anyway, you need them here in the Spring more than ever because INSIDE ComfyTown all spring? All you can hear is our anal-retentive neighbors’ leaf blower all day and night until every single freaking LEAF and blade of grass is perfectly manicured and/or bagged and done away with. We like walking our monsters, going to the muddy park, cleaning up the fall leaves we didn’t get to in the fall. Whoopsy. (Our neighbors RE-HE-ALLY love us!)

4.What is your favorite way to spend a winter day? 
Doing as little as possible. I like to visit our zoo once a winter, they have TONS of indoor (stinky) stuff and they have peppermint schnapps & cocoa. (It’s not hard to make me happy, as you can see.
I also volunteer, and my favorite volunteer event is in February. It is the annual fund raising gala for Equality Illinois, a non-profit for civil rights for the LGBT community in Illinois. (Click on "Equality Illinois" to learn about the awesome charity and the event. AFTER you finish reading this little nugget of pure gold, of course.) Once that is over, winter can SUCK IT.

5.What is your favorite season and why? 
Fall. Weather, it’s easier for asthmatics to breathe when the humidity is gone. Halloween. Weirdos like Halloween. (I’d like credit for the fact that I did not mention any booze in this answer! I don’t need a meeting, dang it!)

6. What is the best birthday you have ever had? 

My birthdays are all the same. My birthday is Christmas Day and we’re not Jewish so it’s like Groundhog Day.

from zazzle.com
I mean if Groundhog Day were CHRISTMAS. Know what I mean?

Plus I have kids, so it’s all about them now. Not to be a whiny lil bitch about it, I don’t know what a birthday is supposed to feel like, because mine feel like Christmas. 

I try to make every day as awesome as possible. My husband usually makes me breakfast on my birthday, so no complaints!


  1. I love your humour. And I never run my leaf blower in the spring. The lawn mower will take care of those leaves - eventually.

    1. I'm so glad somebody does. Agreed w/the leaf blower. It's OUTSIDE, there are leaves and stuff.
      My theory? The dude next door just wants to get away from the wife and kid, he mows the lawn when it doesn't need it, and he is out there all day every day, blowing NOTHING! The damn driveway is CLEAR dude. Unless he's trying to give US a hint. Good luck w/that, pal.

  2. Wait wait wait... there's a Harry Potter card game? Or you play a game like poker with Harry Potter-branded cards? Because either of those actually sound pretty freaking awesome...

    1. It's a Trading Card game, like Magic but everything is Harry Potter, so it's even cooler! (Or dorkier if you're a muggle.)


      We stalked out extra cards we wanted, and bought them from e-bay (e.g. the Unicorn gives you an EXTRA ACTION every turn.)

    2. In case you're normal and aren't familiar w/Magic, it's nothing like Poker. It's closer to Dungeons & Dragons, but no dice or story making up. You get a deck of cards, build your lessons to play spells and whatnot, then you can damage your opponent w/creatures and spells, whoever runs out of cards first is the loser.

  3. Hail to the weirdos. Halloween is my favorite holiday and you can mix up some bootiful orange and black cocktails.

  4. hi, i'm following the "i don't like mondays" blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.


    new follower bev

    1. Welcome! I don't like Mondays either. I'm following you back.

  5. Hey, it's great to know more about you. Fall is my favorite season too. Because of Halloween and Thanksgiving.. :D

  6. Any season where I'm not sweating, freezing, or bombarded by stupid yard work is my favorite. So, umm... two days in spring and the end of fall.

    The fact that you named your flask "iPod" is brilliant! I call mine "phone" because that's the one thing I ALWAYS take with me.

    1. hahahahaha I loved it for awhile, but then when I am blogging/Facebooking/texting and talking about my ACTUAL iPod, I always have to say "and here I mean my ACTUAL iPod" which is a pain and not that funny. Though I'm not a great judge of what is funny to other people. (Mostly b/c I gave up caring what most other people find funny.)