LTR: Sugar, Spice, Naughty can be Nice

Just in case my questions from the last post weren't embarrassing enough, today I have an even better treat. A guest post on a similar topic, written by Anna Crawford. Anna is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics in the relationship and romance genres. Now don't go anywhere, she's addressing a topic that may be difficult for some to read about, and it's definitely difficult for me to write about, but she is an actual qualified writer.

She has some great advice, and it's explained in an extremely professional manner. Remember, I did not write it, and if I did all of the words for body parts would be replaced with words like "Bajingo" and "Schwing-schwong."

This is good information for anyone in a Long Term Relationship and/or anyone who likes the
*looks around*

Relax, I'm not talking 50 Shades of Anything Weird, just some common sense information to keep things sugary or spicy, or however you like it.

There are no graphic images (sorry) or awkward verbiage here to make anyone uncomfortable. Without further ado, and who needs ado, here is a sponsored post from Anna Crawford.

Spice It Up In The Bedroom

After years of being with the same person, you're naturally going to hit a wall and experience the bedroom buzzkill known as the sexual rut. Of course this is something you never really considered when you initially met your mate, but, as time goes on, it's definitely something that can creep into your relationship and potentially destroy it. So what do you do when the newness has worn off and the overwhelming lust you once had for your partner has fizzled out? 

While you may be unable to repeat the honeymoon period, you can still rekindle the spark you once had in the boudoir. 
Follow these tips to spice things up in your relationship and get your romantic life back on track. 

Don't be Afraid to Experiment

Know your partner, if he has expressed interest in a Princess Leah/Star Wars theme, don't spend a lot of money on ewok costumes. That is not going to excite anyone. 

Being spontaneous and adventurous are essential togetting out of a relationship rut, particularly when it comes to sex and romance. With that in mind, you shouldn't shy away from trying a new kinky activity. Start off by experimenting with something basic like adding saucy lingerie or a blindfold or silk scarves. After you and your partner have mastered the simple stuff, incorporate other sexy adult items like couple's enhancer rings and vibrators. As explained at Adam & Eve, these devices have become more common than ever among couples, so don't be afraid to try something a little different. Not only that, but there are so many items available that you'll surely be able to find one for you and your partner.

Even if you already prance around in revealing lacy goodies or include sex toys in your sexy time, up the ante and try some new, kinkier lingerie pieces that vary from your usual boudoir getup. Along with fresh, alluring outfits and new erotic toys, try incorporating an entirely different bed time routine such as role playing. 

If you aren't well-versed in the art of sexual role playing, be sure you do your research and decide how you're going to present the idea to your partner before beginning your sexual adventure. The right kind of experimenting will boost your love life, and it can make your bond with your partner stronger

Make Time for Your Mate

According to this Examiner article, spending quality time with your significant other is intrinsic to revamping your sexual relationship. That means you need to carve out some time in your day just for you and your partner. If you have the money and time to spare, plan a vacation built entirely around sexually gratifying your mate. Pack a bag or two, head some place cozy and remote, and spend a few days basking in the wonderfulness of each other. 

Can’t afford a trip to an exotic resort? Turn your home into a passion-infused sex lair. Send the kids off to stay with your parents and spend the entire weekend holed up in your house with just the two of you. Pick up some massage oil and a few sensuous-scented candles, along with some tips for giving a proper massage. Incorporate racy attire and sexy wears for additional sexy play. 

No matter how you opt to spend your sexcation, make sure there's plenty of electricity and pleasure. 

Joy again, hope you learned good stuff. Valentine's Day is just about a month away, so order now! And if these don't work....;)
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  1. FUN post, Joy! Nice to meet you, Anna. Great article. I'm very aware of the store Adam and Eve. They rock. I've been with my hubby 17 years, so we keep it spicy as shit. Got to, right? :)

    1. Agreed! They make great bachelor/bachelorette party gifts, and sometimes great wedding shower gifts assuming it's not the big, fancy family shower with great Aunt Sally!

  2. Sounds like some good bedroom advice here. Might as well enjoy and have some fun with it! Life is too short to have boring sex!

  3. *snorks* Well you were right about the tasers being here, anyway :D :p

    Cool guest post.