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Hiya Snappers! Welcome back to the 29th week of the Tattler Thursday Blog and Social Network Hop!

It's time to tattle and hop!

It's a share your crazy, gross, hilarious, in-the-trenches parenthood stories, or any tattle that you may want to share with us, that has nothing to do with kids, kind of blog hop! We love funny stories and we want to hear yours! You don't have to have kids to participate!

Just leave a comment with your story, post not required! So think of your funniest, wackiest or favorite stories, leave a comment  with your story/tattle, follow your Hostesses and Co-Hostesses, visit and discover other blogs, and have fun!

Remember the easiest way to get a follow back is to like/follow other pages and leave a comment! So hop around, tell your friends and share, share, share! This is a hop designed for you to have fun and share! Happy Tattling!

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  1. I am now following you through your Blog Hop. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. When my daughter was still an infant & Bjorn bound, I like many other mommies used to do all my chores while holding her in the carrier. One morning, I was doing laundry. I loaded up a full load of whites & closed the washing machine door & went on to my next chore. My daughter was being uncharacteristically quiet, so it started to worry me a little. I went to the nearest mirror to see what it was that she was doing & found her happily nibbling away on a pair of mommy's dirty underwear. I was mortified. Suffice it to say, I always check her hands & mouth after dropping in a load of laundry from that day forward.

    1. hahaha AWWW, I'm sure she was fine. My kids have chewed on way worse!
      I'm thankful you're here!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Joy, Ginger and Cristyl !!!

    1. Thank you! I am thankful to have found your Dumbass blog (for anyone reading, that is the NAME, I'm not one to judge) Happy Thanksgiving to you!