Poo Poo Pancakes

Sounds good, right? This is what Hubs calls anything I add fiber to, ala "Poo Poo Cookies," etc. Blame that adorable Turkish television doctor, and having a kid who freaked out after eating bleached flour. Either way, more fiber is always a good thing in the end. (Bad pun.)
Normally pancakes are a weekend or special occasion item in ComfyTown. I'm protein-minded, and on days with 4 kids under 4, ain't nobody got time to mix up pancake batter and wait for the tiny bubbles. 
(Speaking of that, right now a tiny, chubby ADORABLE little hand keeps pounding on my keyboard. Hard to concentrate? Yes, it is. Difficult not to stop and chew on that chubby hand? You bet. Taking a break...TTYL.)

When I DO make pancakes, I try to make them as healthy as possible by "F'ing them up" (patent pending) i.e. adding alternative Flour, Fiber, Fruit, etc. 

I will make up a large batch of healthier (FDA has not approved this term here) pancake mix, and either store the extra batter for later, or make extra pancakes and store them for later. Batter will last in the refrigerator for at least two weeks, probably longer. Cooked pancakes will last at least a week well-covered in the refrigerator, (if they stick together, put parchment in between) and you can freeze ANYTHING, especially if it's food you're going to top with syrup/agave/fruit, etc.

I will list my basic ingredients, you can add any solid or pureed fruit of your choice, fruit equals MORE FIBER. Can't have too much fiber, can you, Mehmet?
Thanks. Also CTFD, bro. I go plenty.
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Bananas leave no color trace for picky eaters. I used pumpkin, 2 tablespoons barely changes the color. More is more, (less is NOT more, btw) but my son and husband won't eat orange flapjacks.

You can use flour or Pancake Mix, I like to use part baking mix, and part whole wheat flour. 

Whole grains are great and all, but sorry Dr. Oz if I use ALL whole wheat flour, I'm basically making hockey pucks.
Ground almonds not pictured, they look like sawdust

Batter Ingredients
2 cups Pancake Mix (or flour, or combo)
1 cup milk (box says 11/3c, too watery)
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract (almond also good)
1 tbsp sugar (2 if you like it sweeter)
2 tbsp canned pumpkin (or whatever)
2 tbsp ground flaxseed meal (IRON, facts here)
2 tbsp ground almonds (optional, superfood)

For Pan
Oil to cook them in, and 2-4 pats of butter

Prepare the pan
I don't have time/space/money/patience for any kind of grittle, (what is this, Mel's Diner?) so I prep a frying pan the way my lovely Nana used to, a layer of vegetable oil so the butter doesn't burn, and then a pat or 2 of butter. You might think you don't need the butter, but hey Jack, you're making pancakes so yes, you kind of do

I have been very happy with this method, I've never had a "throw away" pancake, I don't understand when I see that term. 
Totally kidding. Flapjacks probably biodegrade.
Except for my whole wheat ones.
found at eoi.es
I have never met a pancake I wanted to throw away. How wasteful, there is no "away" you Earth murderer. So sad. 

I'm doing a Kickstarter on a Rescue for "Throw-away Pancakes" right after I write this post. Find them homes!

What were we, oh yeah, pancake mix: 
Mix all the ingredients until smooth, mine usually has small lumps and I'm okay with that. Do your usual pancake thing with the batter in circles, triangles, whatever shape you like. I start with circles and they often wind up more like triangles.

With the pumpkin pancakes, I sprinkled nutmeg on MY pancake, but my kids don't swing that way. 

I would also make them smaller for small kids.
I sprinkled more ground almonds on top also, just because almonds are great. Click that for nutrition facts on almonds, I add them to almost everything: Oatmeal, yogurt, any cookies, desserts, you get the idea. Big fan.
Ground, raw almonds. Cheaper than vitamins.

I have yet to master baking with almond flour, I can only replace about 1/3rd of the flour before bad things start to happen.

The pancakes have to cook a few minutes untouched, that's the hardest part for me. This is when my daughter, Lola asks me 75 times "Are they ready yet?" 

This is a perfect time to teach kids the amazing Bacon Pancakes song. Point your earholes at this.
You need Adobe Flash Player to view, worth it

I do apologize that this song will stick in your head, heart and soul most likely for the rest of your life. There are eleventy-five remixes, including (and click these for links to them,)
a New York remix
dub-step remix, whatever that is (trippy,) and 
a TEN-HOUR extended version, which I highly recommend. 

Okay, reel it in. Focus. This is why I don't usually do recipes.

Your pancakes are ready to flip when you see small bubbles. 
See what I mean about triangles?
Could have flipped them a smidge sooner, but still fine.
Flip them over and in about a minute, they're done. 

I added berries on top, because AFTER the batter was already cooking Lola wanted "Strawberry pancakes" so here you go, Pigeon.

I top with fresh fruit, and either agave, honey, or now she asks for actual syrup, because that's what her older brother uses. Oh well, at least they're full of good nutrition. And fiber, did I mention fiber??
from funnylool.com


  1. When I cook I F things up too... but that's because I'm a lousy cook. Great recipe though xx

    1. Ha! Oh, I've done the "other" F word to many, many, MANY things, especially where alternative flour is concerned. On my Pinterest, I pinned a picture of my youngest daughter's 1st birthday cake, made with almond flour. GIANT HOCKEY PUCK made of sawdust. It was dry and gross. I don't think anyone finished their piece, including her and my toddler! Meh, we try right?!

  2. I make my pancakes in a frying pan too. Next time I'm going to try your Nana's tip of oiling it first and then putting in the butter.

    Don't get me started on Dr. Oz!

    1. It works, the butter never burns and NO throw-aways!
      Dr. Oz cracks me up, especially when he straight up asks people about poop. If I ever met him in person, I would be sure to go into great detail about my and my childrens' bowel movements. He seems to like that kind of thing.

  3. I love Bob's Red Mill products! Even if they don't come from the Red Mill in New Jersey! ;)

    These pancakes sound good!

    1. hahahaha the spokesman "Bob" is adorable, too. Bonus.

  4. Those look delicious!!! You make a mean looking pancake comfy!!! I should probably admit now that I had no idea you could make a pancake out of a bag of flour. ...Listen, I am a certified idiot! It's true.... I thought pancakes came in a box that said pancake mix and you add some water and stir, so this is really awesome. Guuuurl....you got skillllzzzzz! Now I'm hungry...

    1. hahaha I had no idea anything about ANYTHING with cooking, unless it came with a package saying EXACTLY what to do with it, until my son was diagnosed ADHD/ODD and whatever other letters they piled on to scare me. This was almost 20 years ago (yikes) so medicine choices weren't great, I had seem some BAD side effects, so we changed our whole lifestyle and I looked into food options for him, instead of the medicine. Probably made the wrong choice, since he absolutely HATES school and everything that comes with it, but I thought it was best. Whattayagonnado??

  5. I am not sure how I feel about your fibrous pancakes! I'm kind of getting a stomachache thinking about them! No offense!

    1. Hahahaha none taken! If you're regular, I would stick to regular pancakes! With maybe some fruit on top :)

  6. Wow! Yeah, we have highly sensitive colons in this house (and one hubby who beat colon cancer) so these would be a bit too much for them. HOWEVER, we LOVE pancakes and I love your post. Cracked me up more than once.
    I make Gluten Free pancakes every morning for my daughter (with an egg so she has some protein). I'm with you - who throws away pancakes? If we have too many for breakfast - we munch on them throughout the day. :) They are a GREAT snack. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for stopping by Stanley & Katrina's blog to say, Hi! We appreciate you.

    1. I would definitely leave out the flaxseed in your case. I've never tried Gluten Free pancakes, but mayhaps I should. My Diane-in-law does Gluten-Free. I've seen the flours in the store....hmmm...

  7. When I saw the words "Poo Poo Pancakes" I immediately thought of Cow Pies.

    I guess that's because I am a Texan and we are the Kings of Cow Pies.

    1. hahaha those probably have a lot of fiber, too, but I don't think they're recommended eating for humans. I did see a chocolate liqueur mix at the liquor store called "Cow Pie" so we're not the first ones associating that with food!

  8. Pancakes are like jeans - there's one for every body. You can't go wrong with pancakes...EVER! I make them in a frying pan too. How else would you make them??? You're right too - almonds are great in everything.
    Thank you for sharing this on the Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop.


    1. I never thought of it like that, very philosophical. On Pinterest and looking at recipes, I see a lot of talk of "griddles" whatever those are! We're a pan family.
      PAN-cake, it's even in the NAME!

  9. I am a Pancakse Master and make killer chocolate chip rolled pancakes topped with blueberry preserves and whipped cream. Love pancakes! I also love the bacon pancake video!

    1. That sounds amazing. Chocolate Chip Pancakes are The Bomb dot com. They never really occurred to me until a SnackMaster General that I used to work and lunch with, introduced me to the concept of this way to have CAKE for any meal; Chocolate chip pancakes with extra chocolate chips. Huge life win!
      Bacon Pancakes song will be stuck in your brain for a long time. I love it though, I can't help it.