TToT: Thankful Randomness

It's the cake-a-versary 25th edition of 10 Things of Thankful, and the theme is "Naked with Cake" which YOU should all be grateful that I was not aware of, because I lack boundaries and I love cake, and that could have been really scary.

Speaking of cake, my kids are hung-over from a friends' birthday party. The birthday girl turned 9 and had a minion birthday cake with a giant eyeball, because Minion.

As her mom was getting ready to put the candles on, the kids (including my almost TWO-YEAR old) started chanting:
"Stick it in the eye-BALL! 
Stick it in the eye-BALL!"
which was hilarious, and we're STILL saying it today.

Holiday lights. 
DON'T YOU TELL ME it's too soon! 

It gets dark at 4:00, I spend a lot of time in my car looking at brake lights in traffic, and now I get to see THIS!

I am thankful Thanksgiving is next week, so Americans can stop complaining it's too soon for Christmas! 
Because Capitalism.
(I love Christmas, so it doesn't really bother me)

I'm also thankful I don't have to host it this year! Woo hoo!!! 

That might sound selfish, but tough sh I mean, uh, have a week of my life and see if you feel like coordinating a complicated meal. PLEASE walk a week in my life, and someone else can do it the next week, and someone else after that, and why don't I just start an Excel file to keep track of who will be doing it when?

I am thankful our furnace is working right now. It's been wonky, this morning it was getting colder and colder and it's bullcrap cold outside in the Midwest right now. Yes, even for those of us that grew up here. The first time the temps drop 20 degrees, goes UNDER freezing, and combines with bitter wind, it takes some getting used to. My kids love going outside, but 5-7 minutes in this weather and the baby is CRYING "Inside! Inside!" at the back door. BBBRRRR!

I'm extremely thankful I was able to get our fall leaves cleaned up from the yard before the temperatures plummeted. People raking this weekend look MISERABLE! The wind is seriously an invisible icicle knife lashing at your tender face, your tears freeze and make it worse. Even a ski mask doesn't help, your breath freezes on it and you're wearing ice against your face. 

Also thankful we had enough leaves left over for one last leaf pile for the kids to jump/slide into, and to do some leaf crafts.  

Remember the Thanksgiving song from Adam Sandler? From waaaaay back in the way back machine to when Adam Sandler used to be funny? If you've seen/heard it before, this video is jazzed up for your viewing pleasure. Play it while you finish viewing this post. You're welcome.

Awhile back I posted on my Facebook page that I single-handedly saved my hairdresser's Thanksgiving by telling him about "Pumpkin Pie Martini" so I posted several recipes, they are pinned to my Pinterest if you like, from easy to complicated. Someone saw these, made one and sent me a picture. That made my soul smile. Glad I could inspire someone to make a kick-butt drink!

I am super thankful to have discovered "My Drunk Kitchen" on YouTube. It's just what it sounds like, but better. She reminds me of many of my cousins' children. She is funny, easy to follow, says things like 
"Now, put some wine in your mouth" and
"Nutmeg?! I don't even KNOW Meg!"

She is super silly, but she has a lot of actual good cooking ideas, and as she drinks, her speech goes South. Here is a Thanksgiving version, no family? NO PROBLEM. Thanksgiving for Juan.


  1. Love it!! I have started watching My drunk kitchen because of you. I still can't cook though...It's already cold as hell here!! maybe "hell" is the wrong word to use for as cold as it is! The husband was going to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving, but that would mean going outside, so I think the plan has changed!! ;) The high for yesterday was 7. 7 degrees.....friggin 7...

  2. Ohhhhhh you should be very, very careful with letting slip such precious information as the fact you 'lack boundaries'...someone might use that against you at some point in future ;)

    I really hope your furnace stops going wonky REALLY SOON! Because owwwwww! Now is SERIOUSLY not the time for something awful like that - well done for still having the warmth and determination to get through Ten Things.

    I shall definitely be checking out My Drunk Kitchen - sounds like something I'd definitely enjoy :D

  3. The thought of a roomful of kids and parents chanting "stick it in the eye-ball" makes me smile. Well, really, most of this post made me smile and laugh. Nice try, getting people to cook for you every week.

  4. Speaking of Xmas lights, you know those charming little xmas villages people set up? At a store today, I saw that you can now get the Griswolds' house all lit up from that crazy Christmas Vacation movie, along with the car and the huge tree on top, and even Cousin Eddie's RV. My fave was the little figure of Cousin Eddie himself -- emptying the RV shitter into the sewer of course!

  5. OK, I'm one minute into "My Drunk Kitchen" and had to stop to tell you I am hooked already and thanks so much for the head's up.

    And what about Adam Sandler's Hanukkah songs? I love those, and I never though AS was really that funny.

  6. The fact that you lack boundaries is what links us together in the Universe.

    uh...did you get a comment from your vagina? *rubs eyes, checks again* She's surprisingly well spoken for an organ.

    I'd comment more, but I'm off to check out the drink recipe on your pinterest board and the funny lady on youtube. OH, I checked out your WW on Movember.....LOL greatness! Love Mr. Incredibeard!! OH again, thank you thank you thank you for the Sandler video, listened to it the whole time! What a throwback! Haven't heard that in ages! "my brother likes to masturbate with baby oil" hahahaha! He so cruuuuzah.

  7. Love the pictures of the lights on the trees!

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    As I was driving through the parents hood in the burbs I saw homes that already had up their Christmas lights. I wonder if they just never took them down!