Lizzi Did It: Another Award

Blame Lizzi, She Did It!

Lizzi is The Considerer, she writes Considerings blog, click that link if you love good writing. If you don't, why are you even reading blogs? Are you just here for the dirty pictures? Well, okay don't hang your head in shame, you just click that link and look for "Naked with Cake." You're welcome.

My friend Lizzi nominated me for an award, probably just to give me a writing assignment and keep me off the internet and out of the kitchen for awhile. It's a good effort. 
from diebenow.com
My Eleven Questions for the happy recipients of such a prestigious award...

1. If you could wake up tomorrow and have your ideal breakfast experience, what would it be?
I loved waking up in New Orleans, even more than Vegas (Murican pop song reference.) In New Orleans, you can get liquor any time of day, a fantastical bloody Mary with Okra if you're hung over, and when you wake up it's already warm outside. You can wake up, brush/wash your face, or NOT, it really does not matter, and walk around the French Quarter looking at street buskers, hung over people having an epic walk of shame, drunk people still going, people on VACATION! People whose life is a permanent vacation for whatever reason. You can walk anywhere w/drinks and listen to the world's best jazz. Check this out, we saw this band playing in the street, FOR FREE (yes, we donated money, they rocked) give these guys a listen, they're amazing: The Shotgun Jazz Band

2. When was the last time you were really embarrassed? What happened?
Any of the times I've told terrible jokes to people who don't appreciate terrible jokes. There are so many and I feel like if I put one here I will just offend yet another person. When you use humor as a personality weapon, you miss the target a lot. 

3. How do you sleep best?
When my kids are in another location. Especially Tinny, the teenager. He stayed with his cousins last night, and it was seriously the best, most peaceful night of sleep I've had in ages. That boy is nocturnal, and freaking loud about it.

4. What was the last utterly frivolous thing you bought?
Just last weekend, I asked like a wee little girly if my husband would buy me EXPENSIVE mascara, I'm talking $13.60 at the mall. That's a LOT for me, and for our struggling budget right now, but mascara is necessary for me, and darn it I have THEE worst eyelashes, and it stinks trying to put mascara on crappy little nothing eyelashes. I know how girly/crazy that sounds, I'm punching myself right now for typing that. It IS, however, only the 3rd time in SIX YEARS since our wedding that I've paid that much for mascara.

5. Would you rather have a tail which wagged, or make a noise like a bee, when you were happy. Justify your answer.
A tail. That can be surgically removed, or least duct-taped down. Annoying sounds are forever. 

6. Sweet or savoury?

7. What was the last thing which made your heart get bigger with happiness?
My girls and my husband do something every single day. They also do annoying things, but then so do I.

8. If you could *zap* something stressful into non-existence, what would it be?
Geez, a better question would be HOW would I stop myself once I started?

I would zap my son into adulthood, not like boring Accountant in a cubicle adult, just gainfully, semi-happily employed to the point where he doesn't sleep through his alarm clock every day. His father is almost 50 and this still happens for him. 

9. Would you rather be able to speak another language fluently, or be able to play a musical instrument really well?
Foreign language, hands down. 

10. Who was the last person you dreamed about?
I don't remember who was with me, but the last dream I remember I was TRAPPED inside a tiny elevator and the power went out. Whoever was with me, a female in high heels (who looked like Joan Rivers, maybe it was, I don't know,) was REALLY HAPPY like we pulled off some kind of heist, then the power went out and the elevator stopped and we looked at each other like "Now what?" It got really hard to breathe, I started to feel claustrophobic and suddenly a tiny window opened, someone's face poked through the window from the elevator next to us, apparently, and we were NOT happy to see this person. I was still struggling for air when my alarm went off. I have NO idea what that was about, but it seemed really exciting. I think I might ask Lizzi to write that story, if I did? I'd only donk it up.
11. Name one thing you're thankful for.
Lizzi. Seriously. I've put her down on my TToT, probably several times, but she inspires me and reads my ramblings and laughs at my corny jokes and doesn't care if I look like a zombie when we videochat. Nevermind that she's not really LOOKING at ME, she's Instagramming, but still. I'm not in blogging to make money, or to get ALL THE PEOPLE to follow me, I'm just looking to write, think about something adult-related, and for maybe some feedback, and adult interaction. When you fight life to get an actual blog post put up, it's nice to have someone read it once in awhile. Thanks to the groups she's gotten me involved in, that is happening and blogging is fun again!

There. I'm done *faints* 

I just liked ^ that, so I left it there.

I think there may have been other tasks, but I'm certain there is a sub-section in the TToT SBoR (Secret Book of Rules) that states if you've had a shitty sleepweek, and lack of free time, you fill out an award however you see fit, as long as you do  pay it forward. It's there, keep looking.

So here's the Pay It Forward:

I present this challenge, with this award for making ideas and stories BLOOM, to Lizzi:

Ooooh, shiny
Writing Challenge:
Take the details I remember from my dream, add any of your own, and make this bud of an idea bloom into a beautiful Fiction Flower for all the world and internet to enjoy. After all, as Aussa Lorens once said: The internet was invented for lies (and also enjoyment, IMHO) so let her rip!


  1. OHMIGOSH I love this SO MUCH :D It's an amazing, wonderful acceptance and do you know, of EVERYONE SO FAR, you're the only one who said you'd learn a foreign language, and I'm SO PLEASED because I would too - in a SECOND! I would love, love, LOVE to be bilingual.

    The shiny wanker is AMAZING and I think you should put it in the TToT anyway. Tell them you got it to tease the GuardVirgins and they got so mad they couldn't protect the BoSR...

    HEY I LOOK AT YOU! Truly. And I only instagram *sometimes* when I'm on VidChat and I've never noticed you looking like a zombie EVER - either because you DON'T, or because I'm half asleep at the time, but either way, WHATEVS. I love VidChat - it's such a fun thing to do all as a group.

    I giggled for real at your frivolous thing, because I know exactly what you mean - I never buy makeup because I don't wear it (for too many reasons to go into) but I have tiny, stubby eyelashes too, and it's SO irritating. I want them to look long and luscious (without effort, mind) and they just don't, not even a bit.

    I ACCEPT! I will do *something* with your story...watch this space. I'll have to fit it into A-Z April somehow...hmmmm

    1. I was kidding about the Instagramming. Mostly. I teased you about during that call and we all laughed, so I thought I would bring it up again, because I'm a good friend. I will link it up to TToT, if I can find the time to hop around. This weekend is ridiculous, it's almost over. I have to pick up the teen from work soon, we didn't get hardly anything crossed off our giant to-do list, and my car plates expire tomorrow, and I can't renew online b/c apparently I still have not passed emissions testing and blah blah BLAH 1st World Red Tape!
      Oh yeah, the ole A-Z. It could be "D" for Dream, or "F" for Fiction, or "N" for Nightmare, or Narrative. If you make it a Romance, it could cover R ;)

  2. Oh that's a genius way to pay it forward! Congrats, btw. I love that Lizzi does creative writing as a result!

    1. hahaha I know, I definitely wanted to pay the Writing Assignment portion of blogging awards forward! And I love how she writes fiction.

  3. hahaha if only that were the biggest sacrifice he's had to make in our relationship!