Rainbows And Rocks For Pillows

St. Paddy's (I'm learning, Lizzi) is one of those holidays that makes me want to actually do holiday-themed crafts and try to make Pinterest food.
RIGHT?! Why are you still sitting there?
from tablespoon.com

Okay yeah, drinks. 

Mayhaps it's all the rainbows, or Irish whiskey or green beer, I dunno but March is just so fully of happy:
1. Weather getting warmer!  

2. Green BEER!

3. #Greenvember, which never did become a thing, btw.

SUGAR RIM. Wasn't that your
nickname in college?
from ohmy-creative's Pinterest

4. Spring is rainbow season, especially on the Pinterest. 
Recipes, crafts, all kinds of rainbows everywhere, it's like Pinterest is on LSD, or ecstasy or Molly or that "little yellow pill" Mrs. Robinson used to keep in her pantry with her cupcakes.  Kookookachoo. Jeez Joy, sound older. 

Anyway you whipper snappers, look at this Pinterest screen shot, is this not an eye-gasm? Just me?

Rainbows make me, as my Lola used to say "so much happy."
Screen shot of my Pinterest search for "Rainbow" SO MONEY.
Someone posted this to my blog's kooky Facebook page a long time ago. 

5. I'm thankful I was able to put some blog posts up again. With words, and actual feels, not just wacky pictures for a change. Being well rested and not having the 5am wake-up call yet this week (I wrote this before Thursday and Friday when I did have that punch to my soul) have allowed me to get a little bit of writing started and finished enough to post for once! VICTOREEEY!

6. Thankful that with Age Comes Comfy, as I've blogged about this past week, because that and a nudist were able to keep my son alive when he pulled another teenism Wednesday morning.  Click here, if you're curious about the back story on that.

7. Did you see the Target Photoshop fail that went viral, apparently? Check out the picture below, they tried to make JUNIOR models look thinner by apparently trying to add a thigh gap (whatever the fresh fudge that is) and make their already thin arms even more thin. Look how bad this picture turned out. 

I feel ZERO guilt about laughing at these ass napkins. Zero. And I even took the time to send an email to Target (I'm sure it'll crush their collective vapid souls and turn this whole shallow world RIGHT AROUND) how heart-breaking the whole idea of Photoshopping junior models is. Even before I became a mother of 2 girls, even at the peak of my stupid ignorance of life, even *I* know this is such a shitty message to send to young girls. Or any girls. Or any person.

Also, seriously what IS a thigh gap? It's not anything my people have ever heard of.
Another impossible media image for young women to attain. The URL of this photo says it all:
Charlie from TV's Lost called this unfortunate medical condition "Twatris Disease - when your vagina is a rectangular void." We should organize a 5K to raise money to fight this horrid disease. 

Oops almost forgot, this is part of a whole community of thankful, oddly enough called "Ten Things of Thankful." Click here to link up and tell us 10 things you're thankful for. 

8. I found these pillows that look like rocks. If you're thinking "Big whoop" you probably don't get most of what I write about. I picture my kids having a huge rock-pillow fight in a ROOM full of rock pillows. Then I picture fashioning toga-style dresses from bed sheets and filming our own Flintstones movie. 
from toxel.com link below. You KNOW you want a rock pillow.
Yeah I probably will never make that happen, but it was a fun 'JD from Scrubs' style daydream for a minute there. I don't know if I'll ever afford them but if you're interested, here's the link to find them.

9. I'm over the moon thankful excited that my husband is taking a business trip in June! Near Boston, if anyone has any cheap touristy ideas I can do by myself while he's in meetings. His company was bought out and he hadn't gone on one in quite awhile. Why would this make me excited? 

We do this thing where I sneak in and steal a mini vacation out of his business trips. We use the credit cards to buy groceries, and try to pay them down as quickly as possible, then use those points for my airfare. His company pays for the hotel, his airfare, and all the meals. I usually only have to buy a few small meals the whole time, and then *voila* free mini vacation. Hey, we're on practically one income, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  

10. Thankful once again for Lizzi, who told me how annoying my columns were. Not just the rambly words, the actual width of the columns. I like real feedback like that, I'm ignorant to that kind of thing. Then I made them too wide, and now I don't know. Are they okay? I fiddled with them again, but I feel like they're still too wide. I welcome any feedback. I can take it. I've sucked at a lot of stuff for a long time. It's kind of my thing.


  1. Ohhh well, I can come up with a whole list of Boston ideas. Remind me when time gets closer to your arrival!

    Love the rock pillows- I bet they aren't cheap but a whole room of them would be fun!

    1. Will do, good to know you're familiar with Boston.
      They're not cheap, they kind of make me want to learn to sew. Kind of.

  2. Love the rainbow eye candy and those pillows are pretty cool, too!

    I don't know what your column widths were like before, but they work for me right now!

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Good to know, thanks! I like the visibility to be good, font to be BIG. Half the time my glasses aren't near me, and I don't want to leave them lying around for my kids to break, so I'm squinting at the tiny font on most of the internet :)

  3. awesome rainbows. awesome rock pillows!!! Go to Durgin Park in Boston and let me know how much it has changed since...1974!

    whoo hooo! :) jean

    1. I will look into that. I don't know what it was like in 1974, but I'll ask anyone I see if/when I get there! :)

  4. Teenagers! During moments of frustration (but often it is afterwards, to be completely honest), it's good to remember that they do eventually grow up. And between those moments, they are often amazing.

    Combining a work trip with a mini-vacation sounds great! Have fun in Boston!

    1. I sure hope so! Thank you for the reminder. He definitely has his good points, it just seems like we're going backwards in some areas. Frustrating journey, that's for sure.

  5. Ahhhh I think you got the columns right...except your hump day hookup is disappearing off the edge and I'm afraid it's beyond me to even BEGIN to have a clue how to fix that. Sorry m'dear.

    I LOVE THE RAINBOW SUGAR RIMS! ('kay that was a little weird to type) but sooooooooooooooo pretty *goes starry eyed*

    I hafta say, the 'mericans and the 'merican Irish make SUCH a bigger shebang about this than the Irish Irish seem to! But well done for learning. St Paddy's is acceptable *pats you on the back and tries to steal some of the rainbow shots*

    Have a gorgeous, rainbow-filled week. And if she hadn't already volunteered, Kate is THE person to speak to about things to do in Boston.

    1. There is a separate setting for the "right column" so mayhaps I'll play around with that. My phone changes everything, and my laptop has an extra wide screen, it's different than our PC screen downstairs, so I imagine everyone sees this site differently. I'm sure you know I never find/make time for the technical parts of blogging! I can barely get anything written and get around to reading my favorite blogs, much less try to actually LEARN something (ugh!) hahaha thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the side columns this week. Today is a tough teenager day, I'm just waiting for him to take a shower so I can give him part 951 in my never-ending series of NOT driving me insane, after a long night of yelling at him at 3:00am. I'm even getting tired of this lecture series!

  6. I never celebrated St Paddy's day til I married into an Irish-Canadian family. So last night I celebrated surrounded by middle-aged men in sparkly green baseball caps and ladies chugging green beer. It was fun, actually :)
    I was thinking of getting a beanbag chair for my little one to grow into...but now these rock pillows are swaying me...

    1. That sounds awesome! I love me a good Irish bar, even though they're packed with rookies on St. Paddy's, but they also usually have something like cute older men in kilts playing bagpipes. Plus? A holiday based on beer? PUT ME DOWN for some of that!

  7. And here's a rainbow of thanks for you this week too, Joy! Lovely!

  8. The car engine lightvwent on...it coughed and died...my sister is doing moms shopping! Im waiting for a tow....but ...thanks for the chat...I am about two hrs from boston would love to meet you there for a day in june! Can also send you cheapo things to do in boston...have you been before???

    1. SORRY about the car, ugh! I'm so glad we chatted, it was like divine intervention. I really needed that right then. Strange how sometimes that happens. I'm glad though!
      I would LOVE to meet you in June! No, I have never been to Boston, looking forward to it. I'm hoping to be able to rent a car, to go see some sights. We'll be staying I think he said an hour from Boston. I need to get the name of the town and we'll chat. My email is comfytown@gmail.com It would be so great to meet up!

  9. The Hub went to college in Boston. He says head up to the top of the Hancock or Pru buildings - or both! Very touristy and cheap-ish. Probably a small ticket price, but nominal. Have lunch someplace in Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall. Lots of things to choose from and then try to snag a seat or just do takeout and head back to the hotel or a park to eat. It's nuts in there! Check out Boston Common. There's "Cheers" if you're into that - inside is nothing like the show, of course, but the outside is a touristy site. Wander through the Aquarium or bop around the harbor. There are historic walks around Boston - Freedom trail. Two and a half mile brick-lined route that takes you past like 16 historical sites. Awesome. Now I want to go - been far too long since we've been there.
    Have a great week!

  10. Trip suggestion, two words: Wakefield!
    there is a Wakefield in Rhode Island and it's got the whole near ocean small New England town thing totally nailed! Hey, time it right and I'll take you guys on the (famous) Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive!! (semi long story, tradition as old as the blog but not as old as the Doctrine).

    I, for one, would love owning 'pillows that would be stones'...

  11. Those pillows look amazing. I would've loved those as a kid--who am I kidding? I love them as an adult. If I had a sitting room, or a study, that would be perfect to pile up in the corner.

    Hey working your system so you get to go on a free vacay? That m'dear is using your head! Love it. Hope you have a great time.

    Pass some rainbow shots my way, I'm awfully parched. ;)

  12. OOOH to rainbow vodka and those cool rock pillows! I think my son would love them but I'm not even going to click on the link because I'm sure they're super expensive. That thigh gap is crazy - I hadn't heard about it - nuts!! I don't think your columns are too wide at all.

  13. Love you & I quote, "Even before I became a mother of 2 girls, even at the peak of my stupid ignorance of life, even *I* know this is such a shitty message to send to young girls. Or any girls. Or any person." Holy effing cow that's crazy.
    Also, you MUST go to the Bad art museum. I don't know if that's the actual name & I've never been but I am dying to go. It's a real museum filled w/ all horrible art. It would be so much fun. Also I gave you an award. On my blog. If you want it.