Put Those Tums Away, Bitch

There has been a lot of talk lately all of my life about women, the attitude of women, how we should react to people, from the messages of kindness and 'attitudes of gratitudes' to the whole #BanBossy campaign (ugh) society seems to have much to say about how women should behave.

Do you think men's magazines contain articles telling men to be kind? To be more assertive? Less of an asshole (well, okay, maybe there should be that) but my point is, what if we just rely on ourselves to react to a situation however the hell we see fit? Sound weird?

This is what I'm talkin bout Willis, over at The Insomniac's Dream today. My latest honest real-with-words post called "Put Those Tums Away, Bitch." Click the title to be whisked away to a world where your emotions don't have to be predetermined or stifled anymore. 

This being Mental Health March, it's a great time to think about how we deal with anger from others. 

Spoiler: There will be swears.

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