Great Marketing and Guest Posts

This week I was greatly amused by marketing, which can we all remember can actually be fun? There is an actual company called "PooPouri" at PooPouri.com that makes products to mask the odor of well, you guessed it, poop. 

The product names, again REAL products, are hysterical. One of the men's scents is "Trap a Crap." More amusing than that is COMMERCIAL video and blooper video. They are both hysterical. If  you're in a hurry, just watch the blooper one. If you have time, watch both. Sooo funny!

Actual video, watch this one first. It's really funny, and her Scottish accent is amazing. 

The blooper video of this commercial. It's SOO good. I watched it like 9 times on Wednesday. Hilari-ASS.

This seems like the perfect point to mention that this post is part of the Ten Things of Thankful Community. Click here to join in and tell us any 10 things you're thankful for.

3. I'm also very thankful for the opportunity to guest post! Normally I'm afraid to do this. I never know if I'll have time, but this one was perfect for a blog that doesn't mind my um...being me, so I let her rip on Insomniac's Dream with why I'm not ashamed to be a beeeyotch, in "Put Those Tum's Away, Bitch." If you haven't read it, whether you're a fan of bitches or not, it's an interesting look from one bitch's perspective.
Spoiler: Swearing

4. This week I had a whopper of a change-of-seasons colds, and was thankful for NyQuil, despite the fact that it tastes like the bodily fluid of a Death-Eater, and

5. DayQuil, as we are all out of Sudafed and over budget for the month already, so I have to make do with random pills I find in the cabinets. Speaking of that, I found some

6. Old antibiotics from a couple years ago. I hate antibiotics, but I have the telltale all-head-and-tooth pain of a sinus infection, and these are already a couple years old, so how bad they can be? Don't do this at home kids, really bad idea. Unless you're broke and/or don't have time to go to the doctor, and then again, how bad could it be? I've tried the typical natural defense of 
chicken soup
and my sore face holes just kind of laughed. I always try that first, but each day, well I get a little less crunchy...I talk about it here in this description of when I'm sick, by day.  It goes downhill pretty quickly, as you'll see.

7. Thankful for the library, which provides with hours and hours and HOURS of 'free' entertainment, puzzles, books, movies and a change of scenery during our long, Winterfell months.

8. Berries. I hate citrus fruit, too tart, but mix it with bananas and berries, and I'll eat it. My kids will eat their weight in strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, so we can stock up on those when germs are afoot, they love them.

9. Tinny, my teenager has a job interview today! He already has a job, but they aren't scheduling him more than 12 hours a week right now.
Think warm beachy thoughts from thegreenhead.com
10. I found these awesome drink holders at thegreenhead.com and I'm pretty sure they would stake into grass if you're not a beach person, which I am not. But I am, however, a BIG fan of staying hydrated. Aaah, just look at that picture for a minute: A warm, sandy beach and ton of cold liquids. I already feel better. Don't you?


  1. I have seen the poo commercials before but not the blooper reel... really funny... the ads are funny enough but man... good luck with the interview! Whats the job? Hope he gets it! structure is just as important as money... and twelve hours a week ... yeesh... why bother? I know why but its discouraging... lets hope this one works out! Dayquil not so much but Nyquil... anything that lets me sleep... and yup I am thinking warm beachy thoughts...

    1. This interview today was at Ace Hardware, which was my handout place when I was a single mom. That helpful hardware man saved me tons with my wacky HVAC in my condo! He is applying for cashier, but I'm encouraging he look from within!
      DayQuil & NyQuil are so gross, but they did wake me up and knock me out when needed. We're all so glad this winter is over! Mostly over anyway

  2. WHUT! That's nae SCOTTISH!

    That's ENGLISH! *goes back to read rest of blog*

    1. Okay, so there might've been a wee bit of Scottish hidden amongst the RP and the Estuary English ;)

      The bloopers were super-fun though. Thanks for those.

      I hope you start feeling properly better soon. I'd send you tea and sympathy and bring you hot water bottles and blankets, but it's a bit far from here. So here's sending you big sympathetic hugs full of wishes that you recover quickly *hugs and then blows hug through internets*

    2. Thank you! No one comforts the adults in the house! I appreciate that!
      Her accent in the commercials sounds English, but she is Scottish I think. There was a 3rd video I originally included where the girl gets interviewed, which inbound interesting but seemed like a bit much in one post, so I took it out. I probably should have taken that Scottish part out too when I did that.
      I am better but weird side effects of sinus infection are gross and painful. I'll live though. I'll live to rant another day! Sorry :)

  3. Ow..a great week, though I hope the cold gets better!

  4. Joy has had a great week except for a cold!

    1. I love that this community forces me to look all the GOODNESS, that's a wonderful thing!

  5. being sick can be…. (not fun but maybe… interesting?… nah, how about, better than watching Dr. Phil yeah, being sick is more up-lifting* than watching Dr Phil or Ophrah*)

    first, there is 'the Voice', thats fun and then there are 'earthcakes'.. which is the phenomenon where you're walking along and stop, but the inside of your head keeps moving for, maybe, about a half an inch… but, now that you mention it…not being sick is probably more enjoyable.
    good to see you Friday night at the Jetson's house…

    * I heard that she has people monitoring the internet for posts that are critical of her and/or misspelling her name, so please correct if this is wrong spelling

    1. I would DEFINITELY rather be sick than watch Dr. Phil or Harpo, and incidentally that is what I call her so I remember how to spell her name. Her production company in Chicago for her show was called Harpo, her name backwards. Good way to remember the spelling!
      I still have the PeterBrady-hitting-puberty voice, but the mucous head-swimming fun part has been replaced by sharp head pain from coughing. Less fun.

  6. Oh, Joy! Thank you so much for the laugh that I needed and for the awesome idea for my husband's birthday which is this week! What do you get for the man who has everything....Poo Pourri! Love it! That video had me in stitches!
    I hope you feel better but I do have to say I'm not crazy about the taking of the old antibiotics. But don't listen to me since I'm a medication-phobe! Too many bad reactions!
    I like those drink holders too!

    1. Western medicine is usually my LAST resort! I hear you on that, side effects and all that jazz. That link is to a post I wrote about starting with all those natural things, then Sudafed and then if I'm not better after a week or so, anything goes!
      I'm glad you got a chuckle!

  7. OMG Poopouri, yes!!! I saw that video a few months ago and was absolutely amazed. I've now started seeing it for sale in various boutiques in my area... I haven't tried it but I am very VERY tempted...

    1. Wait...it's not a spoof? THIS IS A REAL PRODUCT!?!? Omg!

    2. Aussa, I would bet it works. My sister used eucalyptis oil and it works pretty well. She orders it from a wholesaler on e-Bay, even cheaper than this, but.without the funny names!
      Lizzi, it's absolutely a REAL PRODUCT! Which is part of why I found it so funny.