Snozzcumbers, Peter Park and Christmas in May

Whatup with the Whatup:
A movie is being made for The BFG, one of my favoritest Books of All Life! By Books of All Life, I mean books I can read again and again, at any stage of my life, because I get that much enjoyment out of them. They are THAT GOOD. 
This includes: 
Harry Potter series
most Stephen King and 
almost all Dean Koontz books 
Game of Thrones inspired books 
and most Roald Dahl books 
especially my favorite:
The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)

Spielberg, The BFG (from the book) and Sophie found at craveonline.com
If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it for children of all ages, 2-202. 
(Probably once people live past 202, they would like this book also, but I needed a number and 102 doesn't seem old ancient anymore thanks to whichever show says "Happy Birthday" to all those people over 100. There are a LOT! )
Snozzcumber. From the BOOK, not movie

I read this book in middle school, high school, and many time as an adult, and again many times as a parent with my kids. 

This story is an amazing Dahl tale of a friendly giant, who comes from the land of giants, to blow dreams into childrens' bedrooms. This books gives us snozzcumbers, their effect on giant and human bodies, and the native land where they grow. 

Not to be confused with snozberries. 

Whoever heard of a snozberry?"  
-- Veruca Salt

I cannot wait to see this movie, even though I already know it can never live up to the book, or anyone's imagination. 

2. I'm not sure how many (if any) of you have girly girls that are also SpiderMan fans, but all BOTH of you might be pleased to see these GIRLS SpiderMan 2 Happy Meal toys
My adult head is too big :( if I let go, it pops off

I'm not a girly girl but my girls like Star Wars and whatever super violent action-packed crap we make them watch, so now they can accessorize.

Blah blah blah unhealthy Mcfood and gender roles, "girl" and "boy" toys, you can still ASK for whichever toy you like. Uh, I mean that your KID likes. 

Can't wait to wear this to Spiderman park! That's what we call a park by us that is red and blue and webby all over.
They could've at least named this park PETER PARK. Right?
Lola wrote Yelp reviews this and other nearby parks this week, click HERE if you're curious. I translate Toddler to English.

What is all this Thankful nonsense? It's part of a Thankful movement to look at the bright side of life.
Click HERE to join in and give us 10 or any thankful things.

We were exposed to a stomach flu, after having a whole-house flu bug this winter, I was even inspired to CLEAN and disinfect, by soaking everything in gasoline and lighting it on fire. Thankfully, no one has any symptoms yet. Thanks to House Targaryen Cleanser.

4. It's Magnolia bloomin' season. And by season, I mean the tiny precious window of time in between the blooming of the flowers on our favorite magnolia tree, Angie, and the time when the bitter Chicagoland wind rips them all violently from their branches. It's about a week or so. But what a week!

After much searching (online) and tours and meetings, we decided on and started the registration process for Lola for preschool in the fall. Bittersweet, but mostly sweet because she loves the idea of school, she's always playing school, she needs more stimulation and kids her age. And less just baby and Mom time. 

Sunday is Star Wars day. May the Fourth be with you.
from socialvixen.com
There are TONS of Star Wars drink recipes, desserts and ideas for celebrating. We usually just watch the movie, and now that our girls are budding little geeks we'll do something like blue milk and these easy chocolate preztel lightsabers.
from bensbargains.net
This was our breakfast, watching Empire Strikes Back.
Darth Spatula finds our lack of syrup disturbing
Sunday is also our annual Polish Christmas party. In May. My family gathers in a Polish restaurant to sing English and Polish Christmas songs, exchange presents, and confuse waitstaff, patrons and passersby. I'm just not sure if I will dress my girls in Christmas dresses, or Princess Leah costumes....

Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas!


  1. The magnolias look beautiful, and the movie sounds great. Hey, I see you are a fan of Dean Koontz--me too! But it has been awhile since I've read much of his stuff---blogging takes up a lot of time now and I have a stack of books on my nightstand begging to be read. Too many books, so little time. Btw that video is hilarious!

    1. I know what you mean, I usually have to find the audiobook of any book and listen while we're outside playing, or walking the girls in a stroller, etc. The magnolias are so beautiful, it's a shame it's so windy here, they never last.

  2. Peter Park. Spiderman Park. Either one works for that park! lol I love Dean Koontz, too!

    1. It's a missed opportunity with the name of that park! Dean is the best. Have you read "Life Expectancy" ? One of the BEST.

  3. There is at least one movie for BFG already, but it is quite a few years old. I can't wait to see what they can do with the technology of today. :-)

    1. I did hear that, but I can't find it to watch it :( I am SUPER excited about this movie, I wish Roald Dahl could do the drawings, I love HIS particular sense of humour but hopefully they will at least collaborate with him a lot.

  4. this is a very cheery ten things and you made Jim smile with the light sabres! he is a Star Wars freak. We all know that he took his two nephews to see the first Star Wars on the day it opened and then they always went as a tradition to each one on opening day, forever after. One of the nephs graduated at the top of his class from The American Film Institute, and Jim was his only relative in attendance! Very proud day for us.
    My 2nd eldest son's TOTAL FAVE BOOK: THE BFG!!!
    Your kids sound adorable!

    1. There is something extra special about Star Wars, and the rest, too, but especially the first one with it's delicious campy space scenes. I also love the newer CGI films, even though they can never match the special feeling of "A New Hope" but they have their own place.
      Your nephew's accomplishment is amazing in itself, good for you for being there for him! Congratulations!
      The BFG is the most amazing book I've ever read, it's funny, it's sweet, it's creepy (I mean one of the giant's names is literally CHILD-CHEWER!) and that's why I love Roald Dahl. I can't believe these books are not more popular here.
      My kids have made appearances on the vidchat from time to time, though I usually wait until they're in bed because they're still really young. (and LOUD!)

  5. Princess Leia outfits. Definitely.

    But the red and blue chocolate TERRIFIES ME!

    The park looks amazing, and I hope you have a very Happy Polish Christmas, with no return of bugs of any kind :)

    The blue drink you posted on FB earlier looked pretty awesome.

    1. I think we ARE going with that. They have nice white dresses, and I have a Princess Leah bun costume "wig" for the baby, and Lola's hair is long enough to make actual braid buns. (That fall apart in 5 minutes, because KIDS, but I still do it.) Thank you, I'm sure it will be wonderful, filled with my wonderfully weird family. Thanks for the wishes, we still feel pretty good *knocks wood* I totally want to make that "blue milk" drink! I have to get to the liquor store, probably not gonna happen, but a geek can dream.

  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! We just finished an out of season secret santa this week at work... we were all very pissy and needed a pick me up so what the hell.... You look very cute in the maryjane headband! I want one and if you didnt say it popped off I would be in a drivethru right now figuring out the cheapest happy meal skip could consume....MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! How about storm troopers in red and green?

    1. (lol) with ribbons and shit on their plastic helmet heads!

    2. or maybe they could shoot the ribbons out of their guns with green and red confetti!

    3. That would be SO TOTALLY AWESOME!
      (Nice "drive by" Clark!) hahaha
      The headband stayed on for ABOUT 60 seconds. It's not a REAL headband :( there are no grippy things to stay in the hair, it's just cheap plastic CRAP from China or wherever is cheapest to manufacture. That makes me sad, but I guess if they used high-quality products than we would probably go there more, and that would be bad for our overall health, so I'm glad we only go there sometimes. I guess I have to learn to get crafty and somehow make our OWN Spidergirl head bands. If I figure a good one out, I will TOTALLY make you one and bring it to you in June when we visit Boston!

  7. (Haven't been into a McDonalds in such a long time, movie themed food? radioactive spiders in with the mcnuggets or what?)
    Rather cool and/or fun park stuff (do they still call them monkey bars?)
    accordians at the restaurant? ( as opposed to Discordians) lol

    1. hahaha you're not missing anything at McDonald's, their food is TERRIBLE! The only "plus" is that it's really, really cheap. So once in a blue moon we go there, the kids still LOVE IT of course, and I usually feed my kids FIRST! hahaha I know, that's weird, but they put so much crapola in the food it scares me. One of the Spiderman BOY toys is a big, creepy, probably radioactive, SPIDER!
      They do still call them monkey bars, around here anyway, and my monkeys love them but they can't go very far on them, even the really low ones, because they're wittle.
      Accordians would be hilarious! The only place I ever see them, though, is at a German restaurant in Chicago, which looks a LOT like the set of a Chevy Chase movie, and on St. Paddy's Day. Irish bars will put some men in kilts, red-headed hot women doing ANYTHING, U2 cover bands and anyone playing accordian on stage to attract patrons. Which is weird because you need NO REASON to go to an Irish bar on St. Paddy's, am I right?

  8. Oh, how I love that book!
    Your Polish Christmas party sounds like a hoot. Can they wear a combo Christmas dress/Star Wars outfit? Really confuse the waitstaff.

    Magnolias have bloomed all around Indy, too. I'm pretty sure yesterday's winds took care of them. Such a shame.
    And lastly, thank you for the Life of Bryan clip. It's a favorite movie around here. I'll be whistling all day.

    1. We will try to do some sort of Princess Leah/Santa mashup :) maybe just white beards w/their braided buns! :)
      I HATE that the wind takes them away so quickly, they must be meant for a more temperate climate, but that week or so IS a beautiful week!
      I love Monty Python movies. Holy Grail is my fave, but this one's great too!

  9. Hi Joy, I'm so glad to be part of the BFG fan club. It's my all time favorite children's book too. I confess to being one of the Star Wars and Spiderman fans!

    1. I knew I liked you Michelle! hahaha BFG is amazing. I like anything Fantasy, medieval, SciFi and/or as far away from reality as possible. Let's not think about why ;)

  10. Great TToT. I think my favorites were the magnolia blossoms and your tribute to "May the Fourth Be With You." It's funny that I'd never heard of Star Wars Day until today. Odd, considering I like it all so much.

    1. I follow geeky blogs and web sites, it's a day that was made up in the last decade. I just look for any reason to use the Star Wars stencils I bought for my husband for Father's Day! This year I may go with the SW cookie cutters, thought those do look like they take awhile to decorate.

  11. Big Friendly Giant--I haven't heard of that one. But, of course, everyone loves Dahl's other books, so I know it will do well!

    1. Oh it's the best! It's totally hilarious and full of craziness. There are 10 giants, who EAT children, and ONE friendly giant who does not. If you like his other books, you'll LOVE this one!

  12. I don't know how I possible missed that Dahl book! I will have to look it up...I LOVE him! Great stuff! Your list is a hoot as usual! I love that you named your magnolia tree and it is gorgeous:) It's a shame it only gets the blooms for a week. Merry Christmas and Happy Star Wars Day (yes, I know it's over!) but I loved all the pics on Instagram.
    THAT is a cool park! And yes, very Spiderman-ish.

    1. Thanks! We name EVERYTHING, it's dorky but it just happens. We start talking about "that one tree, you know the one in the corner with all the thick branches....." and I can never remember the TYPE of tree it is, so I wind up naming it and just saying instead, "We need to trim Cornwall" <-- the name of our corner gigantic tree. Where Angie came from, no idea. Everyone says we should have named her Maggie, but somehow my bitchy talking GPS got that name. I know, we're weird. Glad you enjoyed the pics!
      Definitely look for this book at the library, it's fantastic! So funny.